Not bad for a Lefty who started a right hand tutorial. It is getting easier.

Fingerless gloves from a small loom. I liked this project. I probably shouldn't be posting a picture because somebody will likely get them as a gift this Xmas. I am just proud of my work.

Typical me-- feeling guilty for enjoying knitting when I should be working to make money. Student loans are stressing me out and I am engaging in self-hate.

I really need to work on a new meditation. I have several ideas. Four of the previous ones have about 500 listens and I have 2 over 1000. That feels rewarding.

Catching up with the with oil pastels and pens.
I have never liked using pencils daily, but in art I found I liked them for adding value. So 2 years ago I challenged myself on inktober not to use pencil, to break things down simpler. My last couple pencil drawings in 4-5 min have been terrible. I guess I really did learn to use pens.

I often feed my shame demon by thinking what a pervy, toxic man boy I was in my youth. Apparently, objectifying women through my youth doesn't help my draw female faces. I am terrible at this.

Catching up on the 2-5min I did some custom greeting cards for friends and I had a podcast editing gig to finish.
Anyway, with @CountZero encouragement I tried my brush pen on one. Another was my first time with oil pastels, and then chalk pencil and my sketch pencil.

A few hours left to nab a second at 50% off if you like any of my
There's some tees from my and

Thanks for putting up with this shameful promo.

I don't know. I just think information should be free. If you want to build a course on productivity, sure charge for it. However, if you're writing a blog or article, maybe it should be free. Maybe we should grow as a society, as the human race, together. Of course, we've all been raised with the message $ = success. So get that money. Put your work behind a paywall. It doesn't matter if it is good, as long as you have bank.

This is how marketing people see QR codes.

Of course, as consumers, we see them as an annoyance.

I am trying to raise money for a training course on peer support. If you want to help and can, check out my :ko_fi: page,

Or you can buy a because they're on sale. I get like $2-3 from each sale.

Well, that turned a bit masculine. A previous was too thick compared to the orginal, now this is too thin. 🤔
It doesn't look like the original, but I like it.

It took 5min to sketch.with watercolor pencils, but then I used a brush to soften as an experiment.

If you want to support the writing I do on my blog, or my course on peer support that I am doing next week despite having low funds, how about buying some of my art? It's on sale right now.

One of the things I like about the I am doing is the timed aspect. This feels freeing, like when I moved away from designing on the computer. No undo. I am learning to trust myself and go with it. First one in 4 min, second took 5. I used charcoal pencils.

Relaxing a bit. I am tempted to experiment beyond pencil, but I am easing into it. The sketch pencil I have is not as fine as I usually like. If I get used to that beast, I may move to some charcoal and oil pastels.

I am doing the via @Ayior where we are taking 2-5 minutes to capture a face.

Realistic Sketches in pencil has been a strength which is why I moved to watercolor to grow. But 5 minutes? Oh that's a challenge. Yikes.
5 minutes on the first, 4 on the second.

I'll be thankful for all of you on Canadian Thanksgiving tomorrow!

I'll be even more grateful if you take advantage of this LAST DAY for a $20 tee from my store. (use code: howl)

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