Tonight on we're talking about Megaforce, the 1982 film starring Barry Bostwick and his suspect silhouette.

You should be able to listen to us live at 7:30p MDT / 9p EDT (UTC-6) over at

Drive data rescued earlier this year thanks to testdisk. Go figure, another drive crashed. Unfortunately, testdisk said this drive was not available for rescue. Since it was mostly a photo backup drive I decided to try Photorec as recommended by testdisk. I started 5 days ago. Currently, it says 3,105 hours to go. Hopefully, I am still living in 129 days!

Apple has spent years trying to normalize the obnoxious and ostentatious Bluetooth headsets. A jawbone headset said, "I call myself an entrepreneur, but I really just sell Amway."

Today, the e-scooter has come to along to upstage the "I cannot be bothered to hold a phone" devices.

"I am healthy, but would rather pay $4 a minute to ride a scooter on a sidewalk than walk."

Just a reminder that Biz Markie sings a version of Benny And The Jets.

mh [hold up] 

When someone tells you to have a positive attitude and to stop being negative.

Hi, we have collected ALL your data to the point that our A.I. knows when you are going to shit before you do. Time to exploit another species and collect their data.

Updated the NVMe in my refurbished xmas gift. Reinstalled Windoze for client work. Now to set up linux and dual boot. Wish me luck.

BTW, anyone know of decent PCIe 3x2 NVMe M.2.2242 ssd drives? I can add one to the WWAN port, but they are hard to find.

Teepublic and Design by Humans are having sales right now if you are interested in some of my Tees for gifts. Find masks and stickers for stocking stuffers too. Hit for the links.

Famousl last words:

"Can I borrow your charging cable?"

Also, does Apple care about privacy or is that an ad campaign? Obviously the maker of this cable has the license to make proprietary Apple cables.

I guess I need to change the shirt I made that says "CAPITALISM KILLED THE DINOSAURS" to killed birbsite.

I am not as prolific as frequent podcast guest Dan Hogan of because I do not draw nearly as much as I'd like. However, to be fair I did fill 2+ watercolor journals in the same time as my sketchbook.

The new blue sketchbook is from my friend @Creaturista

I got it on their store a while back. Excited to support other artists and draw more.

Fight the system by paying a capitalist scumbag like me!

Flash sale, 30% off at Design by Humans.

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