I'll be thankful for all of you on Canadian Thanksgiving tomorrow!

I'll be even more grateful if you take advantage of this LAST DAY for a $20 tee from my store. (use code: howl)


As Brad Pitt says in Snatch, "Do you like Dagz?" How about glitch art or Commodore 64s? Peep my t-shirt store for the $20 sale!


Kudos to io9 for realizing that websites are too US centric. Of course, this does not make up for the atrocious auto-play videos of their own content on every single page. That's beyond disgusting.

The title of the next Spider-Man film is Spider-Man : Google Home.

On the run, Peter removes the Stark tech from his suit because the government has access and can track him. He feels safer with Google uploaded and running his gadgets. All praise Disney and Google.

Disney announcing all the upcoming Star Wars stuff-- Every character gets their own show right down to the lightsaber training droid.

It's something dangerously stupid like 70% of the web is . Now, they own Tumblr. I'm sure everything will be fine.

Every time I talk about compassion and how hating haters doesn't solve anything I get a lot of push back. I am privileged to not have been in situations that others have experienced. Just as others have not lived my experience. We all have our individual pain. That's the common ground we can come together on.

But, what do I know. I'm not Gandhi.

This would be improved if you had an option to fund your company. A link to your physical books perhaps? As it is now, it is a threat.

I love my code monkey friends. You devs make the best stuff! I also loved my . So, I made a shirt to express my BASIC love.

The pun and terrible graphic below aside, the shirt is nice and is selling well.


Going to start putting some designs on Cotton Bureau now that they are print on demand. I've had some issues with Design By Humans and feedback that shipping is expensive.


A t-shirt idea inspired by my dev friends and my history with computers.

What do you think? Should I pop this in my store?

Today is the last day of the free shipping on apparel and 15% off sale.

Oh look, my lazy butt took time to do some promotion.

Need to cover your upper body? A wall needing a print? How about some slaps for your laptop?

Free shipping on apparel and 15% off the goodies.

Plus, if you buy something, I get a whole 12% of the purchase, haha. Lucky me!


That was too fun @Rheall ! Thanks for the link.

It doesn't look much like me, but maybe it captured my mood.

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