Sunday bike ride with my Coco Bean in her K9 Sports Sack. She's pretty good in the back pack. I notice she gets a bit antsy when we're near home on paths she normally walks on, because "Hey! Why am I not walking and suck in this bag, hooman!"

We ride to an off leash park and ran and ran.

Now that I'm more confident in my drawing, I thought I'd play at sketching with my old Wacom. I'm not sure I'll ever be comfortable with digital sketching.

How do you all do this? You're amazing.

Test self portrait is meh.

Is it also safe to assume that the Health Inspector of Alberta is also responsible for issuing licenses and permits to Clown schools?

We often forget that is the fourth horseman of the apocalypse, along with Googs, FB, and Amazon.

Thanks for not working in Firefox.

We are live with a 20 minute chat on to follow up our previous Sauce Packet about the show.

I was terrible at promoting tonight's live . Oh well. It happens.

We're doing a "Sauce Packet" in 45 minutes on

The sauce packets are just 20 min, one topic shows with myself and Paul. Fun for us, breaks up the hour shows, and gives us time for editing and posting.

Listen live and chat live with us:

After years of video editing, writing, and podcasting there's still room to grow. So, in between self-help and fiction I'm reading "Out On The Wire" by Jessica Abel.

It was a weird coincidence that the villain in Operation Kid Brother wore the same outfit as me and my co-host wear when we podcast. Connery's brother Neil doesn't even bat an eye.

What the hell is this film? On Film Frown we get confused by a supposed "parody" of Bond featuring a ton of Bond actors and Connery's brother.

We be live!
Listen at to hear our conversation with @sean
Hit that link for the IRC chat room as well.

Live with a new season of the Montreal Sauce in two hours. Listen at and join the chart room to chat with us and our guest @sean

A little something I thought of last week. In my desire to promote @pixelfed and find more people to follow, I made a quick and dirty image to share on the platform. It's , like but on Wednesday? Why not?
Take this, or make your own. Much 💜

I cannot get enough of bad movies. I guess that's why I do a about them. 😅

Our latest episode is on a film. It's a parody from the Philippines.

Poorly dubbed film or bad script? We didn't care either way. We had a blast talking about For Y'ur Height Only on the Film Frown . Have a laugh with us, won't you?

Dropped the doggo off at Vet to get a teeth cleaning.

Heartbreaking chirps from the back as I left.

Proof I live in the Mirror Universe of the . The USS Vengeance is smaller than the Enterprise here.

Wrote something awhile ago. Put it on paper. Messed the paper up. Still messing the paper up. I think I'm making art or something.

That was a close one. First time playing our Valentine's Day gift together and we only had one game tile left before we escaped.

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