That was a close one. First time playing our Valentine's Day gift together and we only had one game tile left before we escaped.

@Rheall I'm not sure if you got a raincoat for @Aila for that VAN weather, but today I just snagged this for my Coco Bean. Check your local Winners or Home Sense. They had 4-5 at the location I was at, but I bet it will go fast for $8!

In case you were wondering if Ello was still a thing. I just found 124 identical emails sent to my junk email account on December 24th.

I got my Chinese Pebble replacement, the Amazfit Bip. I'm impressed so far with the interface. The UI may be even easier than Pebble.

Pros: GadgetBridge!
long lasting battery

Cons: Looks like the Apple watch
I'll miss my 2FA app on Pebble
I had to get it from China
Band size is smaller than Pebble2 which I have 5 or 6.

Testing a "fully-managed" Nextcloud host.

+ I'd get 70GB of more space than I currently have for $3 less than I pay now to Digital Ocean.

+ I'm not doing maintenance to keep the Nextcloud updated and going (supposedly? I need to find out what that entitles.)

+Backups done for me.

- a bit slower than my current setup on Digital Ocean.

- no ssh access so I must rely on them to maintain and fix Nextcloud issues (see image)

- PHP 7.0 which means not all apps work.

Thoughts from y'all?

One annoying thing about switching to my own instance from .social is empty toots in people's profiles. I assume this is because my instance has never connected to theirs before? Or is it something to do with my setup?

Obviously, I can just click their image and be taken to their page and see toots, but that's an extra step for discovering new people that noobs might not understand (if this is indeed how it is supposed to work and my server just isn't setup correctly.)

Did you know that there's no such job as meteorologist in Canada? As my app says, "snow will continue."

Happy Holidays from Film Frown! Everyone gets "BLANKETS!"

Thanks to @peakwinter and @sean for joining us on this episode where we discussed Our Man Flint and a much better Apple Watch.

Do I despise myself so much that I won't accept love from others? I explore this painful topic in new blog post.

As someone who grew up in a toxic male culture, this was sending real mixed messages when I first glanced at it.

So I'm trying the, completely made up by me @Gargron bookclub, and I have to say this isn't an easy read for me. After seeing the discussion on about the book, I'm excited about things people mentioned coming up, but so far it has just been religious discussion in not interested in, even if it is supposed to be parody.

I am happy to try this though, if just to expand my literature consumption.

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