@alcinnz Personally, I think Youtube's appeal is that it is centralized. Not in the total sense that we typically talk about, but in the way that I only have to search one site. For example, I stopped using Google Search years ago, but so many people who don't want to use Google, still consider the search superior and tell me when they try alternatives they still have to use Googs. So, in a way it is convenience and time saving to use Youtube.

Disney - Marvel - Star Wars -

Think of the CG work in the Avengers films. How many stars do they "own" digitally like Carrie Fisher?

@ink_slinger You got it! HR can't really say anything except dates. It's perfect. You ready to build this with me?

New business idea:
- I start a company called Experience.
- You subscribe for $3 a month.
- Now, you can say you have "experience" when applying for jobs.
- I tell potential employers when they call for a reference that you do, in fact, have experience.

We all win.

Quick reminder: I have “internet office hours” for artists that have HTML/CSS/General web questions; if you have any, just reply to this toot!

Last time I put together a guide of some great resources to use for the modern web, based on the tools I use everyday for work thomascannon.me/guides/modern-

@nuhn Being a one-human biz can really be frustrating. I just want to make art, but yeah, all that other stuff... :blobpats:

2000s hackers: My dream is to connect all of my devices to the internet.
2020s hackers: My dream is to disconnect all of my devices from the internet.

@m4iler I want to get one to get my home music server back up.

My new #discourse instance is up and running! My idea is to use it as a FB groups replacement and also as a place to share longer-form interactions in a group setting (something I'm finding hard to do on #mastodon).
Specifically I'd like to use it as a place to share musicmaking stuff (synths, software, studio setup, etc).
Anybody out there want to come kick the tires? Hit me up for an invite!

@sean YUP. I keep thinking how weird it is that I started there so long ago and made friends, had conversations and never understood the people who basically used birbsite as an RSS feed. Now, I use it as a feed for local news because most of my friends bailed for FB or ditched social networks all together. I really want to quit birbsite.

Friends, where do you buy DRM-less ebooks? My horizons on that front haven’t expanded much since 2014.

Data is a commodity. Giving your information to FB, Google, Twitter, Amazon, and digital billboards is like giving away gold buried in your back yard, not for compensation, but for a billboard to be installed in the hole.

@welshpixie Yeah, I should give myself some credit-- I have come a long way. I wasn't one for felt because I like the glide of a ball point. Now, I live and die by the Sakura. And brush tips were my enemy, but I am somewhat more friendly with them. I think I am better with a brush, than a brush tip. But hey! Growth!

@welshpixie Nice. The other day I found a Micron 003. WHA? I bought it, though I have gone through two 005 felt tips. I think I push too hard for such lil' pens. However, I recently saw they had some plastic or synthetic versions of the Micron? They were more expensive so I haven't tried them. Lately, I have been using the 01 with a light touch instead of the 003 or 005.

Look at me blabber on in my insomnia.

@BalooUriza I suppose it depends on how evil is defined. L. Ron hurts those involved in the church, their families and those that oppose it.

Disney's vertical integration means it touches many of us. All in the name of the mighty dollar. Star Wars, ESPN, Hollywood Records, Marvel, all the toys associated with those brands and the people employed in other countries creating the products.

Have I mentioned lately how much I enjoy having y'all in my feeds every day?

Thank you for being you. :da_cuddle:

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