So Insight Timer has a "no promotion" rule for recordings. I couldn't recycle my to post on the app because of this. Fine. I prefer the meditations to not have ads, I get it.

The problem becomes in how to properly credit the musician whose music I am graciously using. I think some are doing it in the description of the meditation audio. I'll have to check. Otherwise I need all new music.

Wondering if many just aren't following the licenses.

Our podcast is NOT live tonight, but at a special time tomorrow, Friday April 26. Why?

We're going to chat with our friend in Sweden, @jeena about , open source, podcasting, metal and more.

The times (we think :D )

12pm MNT, 14:00 EDT in North America and 20:00 Central European Summer Time

Doing a lot of writing, good or bad, in my as I play off the letter. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with the numbers, though. Maybe lay off the angle and just play with the images, or do I go all 12 days of Xmas and use the numbers? Hmm.

Just got to share my love for mastodon and the fediverse in a lecture about decentralised social media today in Norway, Gjøvik. Pretty fun, and thanks to everyone who showed up to hear me talk.

Next one will be the 30th of april in Bergen city in Norway.

#mastodon #fediverse #norway #gjøvik #gjovik #norge #decentralization

@sean Was it necessary to wear pants to do this?

Can you look back and feel good about it, at all?

How much chocolate was required?

I've forgotten to put my last couple posts on @write_as. I like sharing in as many places as possible. I haven't quite figured out how to use my page effectively. I suppose that's okay. I have to remind myself I'm a human and not a brand looking to conquer everyone's feed. I suppose that plays into my latest post on painting myself as a victim.

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There's some danger in attaching yourself to labels when you're dealing with diagnosis in . Rather than doing the hard work of dealing with my own emotions and circumstances, I may identify as broken. I know this.

Imagine my surprise when I recently started to entertain the idea that I'm a victim in some areas of my relationships. A blog about being a victim to my own insecurity.

The downside of my plugin for is that it just grabs the title and doesn't allow me to add custom text to the post when I blog.

I really need to get back on track switching to . Part of the issue is converting my old posts to Hugo. That's the last thing I was working on and got discouraged.

@jeena @pauldl Perfect. I'll do my best to watch the clock and maybe after we have 45 min or an hour, I'll wrap it up and you can take over with questions? I suppose we can talk this out more tomorrow. :)

@jeena Hit me on Signal when you're ready tomorrow and send me your Skype handle then. I'll call you up. I don't think @pauldl will be available then(he'll be at work), and he does most of the technical recording. However, just making sure your setup works should go a long way to making Friday go smoothly.

Did you have questions for us? Like would you be interested in taking the audio and making an Excellent Encounter? Open to that, but no pressure. Just throwing ideas out.

@jeena Working on that now. I wanted to talk about indieweb, your home automation experimentation minus the big centralized tools, podcasting, and maybe how you ended up in Sweden.

@sean Fair point. I guess I just want notes together in one place. Thanks for sharing how you do it.

@sean I'd love an audio component. If not in NextCloud Notes, then another app for Nextcloud where I can pick up my device and record a note I can listen to later. Sometimes, typing is too slow.

OH in cafe:
"Well, I don't like fascists."

I start wondering, is there a fascist fan club? Like do fascists identify as fascists?

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