@iconography Trolls using electron apps to go after us instead CLI like real linux bros. 😉

No wonder @iconography stopped posting Linux memes.

'Y'all are so serious' he typed from a linux distro.

Teepublic and Design by Humans are having sales right now if you are interested in some of my Tees for gifts. Find masks and stickers for stocking stuffers too. Hit savethis.space/pages/store for the links.

@kai Yeah, I peeked at it again when making Santa a list and it very much seems like a project (dev) machine more than any sort of daily driver. So, I didn't include it on my list. My 11 year old project machine is enough headache.

PeerTube Admin 8: YouTube forcing ads, Monetarization of video content, alternative communities on PeerTube


#peertube #video #youtube #alternatives

@samanthasometimes@fosstodon.org Got it. I was just curious. Thanks. I've been using the AnySoft one for a number of years. No complaints, just wish the space bar was a bit bigger sometimes. I love that I can swype on it too. That feature has improved over the years.

Disney's favorite acquisition isn't Star Wars, it is Deadpool. Like their copyrights, he never dies.

Search engines should be the business of libraries, not companies.

@samanthasometimes@fosstodon.org What keyboard are you using from F-Droid?

Make your website able to order without me having to drop my defenses for Privacy Badger and uBlock Origin challenge 2020.

Both of the COVID Vaccines are 90% effective and 100% Intellectual Property.

Imagine if Disney was a pharma company? That vaccine would remain under their copyright for 2000 years and they'd occasionally put it in the vault and watch people die to charge a higher price later on.

@sean Ooh! Fun!
I just started "The Manual" by KLF. The first 2 sentences made me realize I made the right decision when I said, "I want to read something silly and so bad it is good."

Have we added stories to the weather app and snail mail yet?

What is the holdup?

If Baby Yoda is the star of the Mando-whatever, how much do you want to bet they skip the teenage years and Yoda plays big in the Ben Kenobi series?

is a brand, not a mythology.

@lauraritchie Happy B-day! I will do my best to be fabulous today to cellobrate.

@zatnosk I too think about it a lot. Personally, I think it is just part of processing everything. I want to be an ally, but I feel as if I do not know enough to be a good ally? However, it is likely I will never feel as if I know enough because I am cis. So, I am stuck in this processing loop. I was thinking of doing a free course through my volunteer role on gender issues. Would I think more on it, or be equipped to process better?

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