@Ricardus A character Marvel will copyright as soon as they think of it.

Expulsion is the only answer! It's the opinion of the entire staff that Dexter is criminally insane.

@xxyxxyart Yeah. I was using the 'build my own' to cover for my insecurity that no one would buy. So, I thought, finish a few more pieces (the newest excuse) and try KoFi to see if anyone is interested.

Do you do local markets?

@xxyxxyart There's also Graphene. I think I chose CalyxOS because there is a foundation behind it. I was tempted by Pine as well, but it feels like they often release projects that are excellent development playgrounds, but maybe not daily drivers, IMO.

Related, I had a friend who left etsy after years because of the addition of manufacturers. She could not compete for top spots on the page anymore. I am thinking of trying to sell on KoFi.

@xxyxxyart Captured my thoughts and experiences as well. I felt similar about Linux, but made the change with less anxiety because I moved between Win & Mac for various gigs.

Ditched FB and Googs, but still used Android ROMs on the phone. This past winter I installed @calyxos and said goodbye to google maps & any apps and services on my phone. I too know when I finally leave insta and birb site it will feel good.

@ajroach42 Ah. Like you I have steered clear of Tik Tok so far. So I didn't kmow that. Interesting.

For me, I have noticed as an insecure people pleaser I tend to do things I otherwise wouldn't. So I think those things slowly eat at me. It is another choice to shame myself with. So I have been trying to practice what I preach more in hopes it helps my mental health. That said, we all have our biases/exceptions. I still have not completely ditched insta, for example.

It is not global warming.

It is not climate change.

It is greed.

When your 7 condo board members make decisions based on personal gains instead of for the building as a whole, what hope can we have for city councils, Provincial, and federal governments?

Profit > empathy.

@ajroach42 I am just not sure social media is the midas touch that people think it is anymore. There's a lot, a lot of users on these platforms. If you're not posting ever 10 min, do you get lost in the void?

Social media marketing seems to be the go-to in order save on advertising or for businesses with no ad budget. They say time is money. Perhaps the price of a billboard or bus wrap is worth it when you think of the amount of time it takes to post twice a day?

@ajroach42 I'm seeing a lot of great advice here in the thread of answers I can see.

- consider target market
- keep the doors open and/or profit
- your personal feelings

Is your audience Tik Tok users? In the early days of the web, "YOU GOTTA HAVE A WEBSITE" was the ultimate advice for any business. However, many were not purposeful sites and so much for brand awareness. Perhaps a more targeted local ad campaign would be better?

The internet didn't change how people interact. 4chan and other forums on the web have corporations behind them. Whether it's advertising or hosting fees, corporations are profiting from hate and abuse.

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Documentary interviewee says the Internet was supposed to be this place to freely and openly share ideas, but the technology enables hate crimes, stalking, and abuse.

Now, I'd argue the corporate internet algorithms manipulate people to spend time on their platforms. This means the controversial stuff gets recommended. Those of us who dislike it find our way here to an open and free space.

Many people walk away from politics and voting because it is not free and open as advertised as well.

Any recommendations for a keyboard that I can swipe on? I'd prefer and from @fdroidorg since I am using

I've been using Florisboard, but they've made some adjustments to the code and it is taking a long time to get usable functionality back for me personally. :boost_ok:

@welshpixie Is it the camera angle or is the chimney in the upper left corner topped with modern art?

@craigmaloney Feel your pain. I have been volunteering with an organization that is all in on MS Office. The addition of sharing/collaborating feels like it was added with all the precision of preschool paste. That is, they mostly ate the paste.

There is a reason I sign off the interwebs on days. I become a nasty human and I want to be better and accepting of all humans. Don't take my outbursts personal. I will see myself out. 👋🏾

Did Apple Trademark Suicide Net™ like they did rounded corners so they can sue other exploitative manufacturers if they put up nets?

The most thing ever is watching a product launch in the middle of a war, a pandemic, and an assault school children daily.

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