Creative Burnout 

@sean For me it goes back to shame, I think. "I'm an idea guy, but I don't actually do anything." That runs through my head and demotivates me further.

@liaizon I immediately thought it was some sort of scrapbooking thing when I saw it was from "Making Memories." I am not a fan of ebay at all, but I was searching for something and that's where duck duck go took me. So I dropped Making Memories into the search bar-- Power?

@cypnk There's a 3 wheel variation that looks a bit more sturdy. As you said, I often wonder how easy it would be to go a long distance on something that seems to be built for 'hauling,' not comfort.

@sean OK. My one and only trip there, I did this graffiti walking tour-

Enjoyed it loads.

Botanical gardens was nice.

Also did this e-bike tour of the greenway in Scottsdale.


It was okay. Goes to the Hole in the Rock. That is a nice spot and park if you want to chill somewhere without spending dough.

U got this! 💜

Creative Burnout 

@sean I feel this so. very. much.

My TEDx talk is today ! (May 15) online 

@lauraritchie I think this sounds like a talk I should watch regardless of being a friendly face. Thanks for the invite!

Final reminder: in 24 hours I will be giving a live webinar on Taking Control of Your Data. It will be free, it is expected to last 2-3 hours. Hope to see you there!

I am a magic 8-ball.
A wall hides the pain.
The small window to understanding my emotions is confusing at best and obfuscated by medication.
Therapy can help, but the process is jarring and also painful.

Next month is #RideDontHideYEG
Please support #MentalHealth by signing up or donating to @cmhaedmonton

#mentalhealth #mentalwellness #watercolor #watercolorsketch #psychologicalpain

In the Kelvin Timeline Tasha Yar lives and Worf accepts at the helm. He spends much of his career trying to get people to call it Worf speed.

@ifixcoinops Yeah, thanks. I was feeling like the experience would be fun, but maybe it would be better to just hit an actual arcade. Then you get the atmosphere and all the fun mechanical goodness.

@ifixcoinops Ever try those Vpin machines, or virtual pinball?

I love the classic stuff, but with limited space in one's home those look interesting.

I've never laid my hands on one, so I was just curious how the experience is.

@cypnk I was thinking every time they had to prove they were married, they were issued a warning that their wedding was not verified genuine.

Want to say so many thing.

I only have a 1200 word count for the magazine though.


Week sale!!

This week only, I will have some little coaster paintings for sale, please use this code for the promo code!👇🏼 👇🏼 👇🏼


I'm only showing the promo code here but feel free to share, I couldn't make the previously mentioned discount work, thus a flat discount of $12 per coaster!

only have 24 (minus two already sold), no limit for promo usage.

#art #artsale #painting

I just saw one of my favorite humans here in town and former podcast guest, Stump Kitchen is featured in a story on one of my favorite cooking sites!!

Work, editing a book 

@nuhn I don't even know where to begin when I think of the process you went through. Well done!
I wouldn't mind trying to edit a book for someone when I grow up. I'd say you're pretty inspiring. Of course, I'm an old man, so I don't know that I'll ever get the chance to try.

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