Sliding through my replies and I think,

When you think about it, most startups are very similar to MLMs.

There was a time when one's phone booted up faster than one's computer.

You don't have a brand. You have a personality.

You aren't a company. You're an individual.

Looking to do some personal commissions, please boost!
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@jeena You still using mpd as your music streaming/music server solution?

The missing question on retail surveys--
Do you like doing surveys?

Hey #musicproduction people. How long does it take for you to finish the track?

MH [~] EMDR 

My first real session is today. I cannot shake the idea that it won't help and that I'll be wasting the time of the doctor. I will participate wrong and fail. This is the narrative I play in my head.

Before I was excited for the opportunity to try EMDR, but the idea of attacking my self-critical voice and core belief that I am a failure has me terrified.

@mayel I understand alts, and I know there are plenty of cases now where people have lost opportunities because of their social network posts. However, I want to be true to me. I do not want to work with a place that doesn't fit into my beliefs. It sounds like, and maybe it is, privilege, but I would internalize self-disgust and hate if I worked for an employer putting profit before people.

@dualhammers I don't know your inner monologue, but the person I follow here on masto is curious, supportive, purposeful and self-aware. I am always happy to see you in my feed.

@dualhammers Interesting. For me the narrative is based on a core belief that I am not enough. So I relate to what you say in that I shame myself into not napping.

Meditation taps me into self-awareness, but I often get stuck there. I don't trust the narrative of shame, but yet maybe I do need sleep? Which voice is right? That's why I said I find it confusing.

@dualhammers Can it be both?

That is, can you do less sometimes and more others?

Personally, I have found these results from meditation. Removing myself from the stories can sometimes be exhausting. and difficult work. Other times, meditation does feel freeing and allows me to move forward. Like anything else, I do not think I can expect it to work the same every time. Unfortunately, I find myself giving up meditation for a bit because of the non-results. It's confusing.

@viciousviscosity I hopped onto to see this post and was reminded of the positivity and kindness that you inspire on this platform. Then, I smiled.

Thank you.

@nuhn Maybe it is not 'self-centered', instead it is pride and opening up about yourself is an attempt to make connection. Shift the perspective and stay the amazing human you are.

The design is based off of one of my snowflake designs. You can Pay What You Want (including $0!) for the PDF Snowflake Colouring Book here:


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[2/2] Does this mean that and will never be able to compete fully?

Does need to be changed? It's being changed regardless of the law, thanks to the web. Many people raised with the web think nothing of using an image they found online. Creators of goodies recognize the work put into things and respect copyright, and corporations force creators into bad contracts and exploit copyright for their own benefit.

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Plausible deniability sure helps big corporate silos.

When it comes to YouTube will nail anyone "little person" not authorized to post a song or show clips. Yet, that platform wouldn't be the 'be all-end all' for interweb video if copyright was strictly enforced.

Similarly, we can assume that Spotify and Pandora wouldn't exist without Napster. Certainly, playlists wouldn't exist without cassette tape mixes.

Yet, creators do moderate and enforce copyright. [1/2]

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