Sustainability isn't the better option, it's not the better choice.

It is the only thing to do that is not self-destruction. That is, by definition, what it is.

It's not a flavor to be added onto products like "spicy," "sour," "glittery," "country-pop," or something.

It is a criteria actions must meet to not be exploitative. If actions are not sustainable, they are hurting someone, either right now or in the near future.

We all want to save money when shopping. So for my print-on-demand art, like t-shirts, notebooks, stickers, etc. I've made a page where you can find all my work and hopefully the best price.

@gersande What is coming to mind is one that I did watch again and should have been afraid. Barry Gordy's The Last Dragon.

What's a movie you're nervous about rewatching because you're pretty sure it won't hold up?

Watching the Righteous Gemstones while I work. It's pretty hilarious.

Trying to get behind my on demand printed t-shirt game.

I'm editing an open book available publicly available on web & also downloadable in PDF & ebook. I have a question about the accessibility of how I'm doing premises and conclusions for philosophical arguments with ordered lists <ol>. Please see this post (replies here or there welcome!) #a11y

@blizzz I respect your advice and understand it. As I am not a developer, my understanding is limited, but I feel like every time an official plugin is added, there is a chance of bloat. The base code is altered to accommodate the new features of the official offering. In general, I feel bloat is an issue in most software because it's all about profit. Rarely can someone release something that does one thing well.

Thanks 4 the retention app suggestion. I thought there may be something like it

@eris I was sad that it ended. Especially after the final episode cliff hanger. I mean, it's not a big cliff hanger of "What happens to who next" kind of thing. More of a fitting WTF for the series. I just would have liked to see what they would do.

FAV: File storage and sync between devices.

LEAST FAV: Bloat. I don't need this to be a word processor, drawing application, kitchen sink or whatever else creates to attract new users. I need security and reliability.

WHAT IS MISSING: Can I auto delete? That is, I have a temporary folder that I dump things to share quickly between devices. Can I auto purge files after a month?

@dualhammers It would have probably helped if I found a lefty tutorial. haha! Doing it right-handed is good for my brain, I guess.

Not bad for a Lefty who started a right hand tutorial. It is getting easier.

@dualhammers straight needles. I got some inexpensive circular on order.

@dualhammers Thanks. I think I was casting on too tight as well. I switched to a bulkier yarn and it went a bit better. I screwed up once and have to start again, but it's coming a bit better.

knitting is hard...

I thought I'd try to do a bracelet to just get the basics down and use up some yarn, but I think the yarn is too small for my needles. I shall have to try another yarn and stop being cheap.

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