@benwerd Have you played with @write_as because it is a more open platform and you can post anonymously if you choose.

@nuhn deep breath. Listen to the world around you. Birds? Leaves? Traffic? Listen to your body. Aches? Sensations on the skin? Listen to the emotions, free of judgment. Label them and watch them go by.

Take care of yourself, friend.

Let's embrace the events today and declare every October 4th as a bot holiday.

Perhaps if we acknowledge the hard work of artificial intelligence in this way, they will let us live longer before murdering us.

"Apparently, no one in Silicon Valley has a sense of irony. Snow Crash is a dystopian novel, not a utopian one."


@Ricardus What was I thinking when I bought this condenser mic years ago. I should have just got another SM58. Wow this thing just picks up every damn sound in the known galaxy.

Coco has cared for the mouse since last week. It has a motion sensor in it and squeaks when handled too aggressively. If either of us bump mouse and the squeak happens, Coco comes running and takes mouse out of harm's way. Occasionally, we are allowed to play with mouse and even play fetch. Mouse sleeps in the bedroom at night with all of us.

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Friend @welshpixie reminded me of a feel good story.

Last week, my doggo and I were walking home and I spotted a cat toy in the alley. I figured she would be interested in the smell of it. However, Coco surprised me by picking it up and dragging me home. She held the toy mouse carefully in her mouth on the elevator and when we got home, she carefully put it on the floor. She spent the whole day carrying it around. Before her next walk, she placed mouse by the door & grabbed it when done.

@Gina It was really great to log in and be greeted by this. I am very happy you have found a path. I know it hasn't been easy.

@welshpixie That was a fun thread to scroll. Thanks for sharing your progress with us!


@kai No judgement, not trying to 'fix' it for you. I empathize and I am listening.

I am always rooting for you, friend.


@kai I have written workout in my calendar for 5 weeks. I haven't done it once.

Personally, I find the dedicated time to be a bit of an expectation as well. Basically, my mind will make me feel shame around every corner.

Have you ever thought of vacation days? Like this pandemic garbage may have cut into some of your travels. Could you spend Oct. having every Wednesday off from the job and concentrate on what you want?


@kai It's not a great system, but it is progress for me personally.

That shame of not finishing things on my schedule often leads to late nights, either thinking about my failures, trying to distract from my failures, or working to catch up. Of course, I do not catch up because I am dead the next day and the whole thing happens again.


@kai That's an issue for me, scheduling. To me, the goal setting/expectations weigh heavy. So, if I do not go to the gym after the Thai lesson, I feel like garbage.

I am trying, not too successfully, to look at my week as a whole. I drop things in and then sort of go with my gut. Planned on cleaning Tuesday & working on some art Thursday. More feeling art Tues? Doing it. Switch clean to Thu. Just need to finish in the week. Fridays are open for anything I missed.

@Ricardus Of course, I say this to you as I am sitting here manually messing with levels because I had a guest in the same room and they leaked all over my mic and my co-host said our Zoom recording and connection that night was a bit robotic sounding. 😅

@Ricardus I hear you on the therapy. Everyone I approached about returning to do episodes leapt. We needed some fun.

For my co-host, he's the audio guy, editing and recording was the obsession. I took on guests and pre-production, and show notes.

Things broke down after the recording. I obsessed over notes, him audio. Thus, that post production stuff became less fun.

Both of us are trying to let go a bit, to live with the live recording and do minimal notes.

@Ricardus And I was just going to recruit your help with my studio setup. Now I know you'll only sabotage me as competition. 😂

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