Remote Writing Opportunity :boost_ok: 

Finally got all my designs on every store I have joined so people can find the best price.

Peep your choices here:

Now I can work on the big list of new designs I want to add!

The pandemic has started this fear around 'the economy' collapsing. What is behind the economy? A short blog on people, production and worth--

@sean Have you read any Doctorow? He does both with his books. Some people just like paper books. If you're not sure how to proceed, maybe publish a selection online.

I had to postpone the upgrade to Mastodon v3.1.3 because I have to upgrade the infrastructure.

I think that by tomorrow it should be done but I will post more information here later.

Sorry about the delay.

Installed cheap, dual monitor arm for the desktop since my partner is working from home. This will give her more options to find a comfortable spot. Now, I need to convince her we need a second monitor. ;)

Also got a cheap "standing desk" at the liquidation store. It's just something with shelves for monitor and keyboard on hydraulics that you can set on any tabletop.

I love you all ; Yes you can do it ! Be positive and live : read a book or say I Love you to any person you know ! I love you !

@Ricardus @bamfic thank you both. I have got my cheap test light out to try to see what is not getting juice, but the wife pulled me away.

@taivlam 2010. Running Linux to keep going, but 17" is so damn cumbersome and heavy.

Do we think that solder on the right is meh?

Bought this cheesy charging station at a liquidation store and it doesn't work.

cc: @Ricardus

@taivlam I am not entirely sure. I think it may be. I keep meaning to do a fresh Linux install to be certain.

Our home gym is open :) we're drinking a coffee right now, but will be stretching etc quite soon! Come play :)

@mastohost I am grateful to have my instance running worry-free thanks to you. Thank you for supporting the software with your service.

@sean yeah. 😒 And selfishly I am thinking that makes doing Film Frown again difficult.

I wish we treated our children like we treat shares. We certainly do not want shareholders to feel as if they are losing. So we do everything to increase profit. Imagine if our assets were the children. How would education look then?

I *live* the aesthetic. I create and post it on my instaspam and but also this happens when my 10 year old laptop if it falls asleep.

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