@kai Draconian or not, I wish we would just do a couple week lockdown here. We've been all about half measures that are too late.

I was wondering if the density of New York state population meant that the pandemic spread and ended faster. However, 75% of Canadians live in Ontario. Haha. There goes that theory.

@kai Interesting. I haven't followed Ontario much. I just assumed their asshat was similar to ours. We don't walk a fine line because that would hurt business. Everything is open, this is the new normal, you're welcome Alberta.

@kai I always felt this way about the holidays. The pandemic has been a nice, slow change.

Also, Canada doing Thanksgiving in October means the 3 holidays are not on top of each other.

Has WordPress rebranded to TrackerDataAbomination yet?

I've been running CalyxOS for a week now on my phone. It is real solid.

It feels very secure, but I am a bit unsure of how much of their privacy protection relies on their VPN. I have been using NextDNS for a number of years and think it does a fantastic job. I cannot use Calyx VPN and a private DNS at the same time. So, I have been sticking to Next DNS.

Also, Magic Earth is impressive.

@kai There's something born out of necessity, perhaps?

My grandfather was the same. He taught himself electronics, plumbing, etc. to build his own home. Same as your dad with cars as well.

We had to figure out things like the TV and computers for our necessity to move forward in our lives. The TV may not be a mystery to solve, but merely an appliance to your dad. In the same way that much of the home stuff has been a given in my life & not something I "had" to learn.

Decided to update my Recovery and possibly try another ROM. Installed new Recovery via a terminal shell in the old recovery.

Decided I have done this 8.2 million times, what's one more? Clean install of 7.1.

Permission issues persist.

Tried "Fix Permissions" in Recovery 3.2 million times, so what's one more with the newer Recovery?

Worked. 😩

Installing Octo4a now.

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2 Days later. Most of my hair has been pulled out.

My recovery was ancient on the old Android phone. Installed 7.1 ROM and all sorts of permissions issues.

Clean installed old ROM, back to 4.4. Everything is groovy. Ocoto4a, still not happy. It was worth a try with a clean install.

So permissions...hmm.

I tried a number of things, like spitting out a window, spinning around 3 times and praising mother moon.


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My old Android device was on 4.4. The OcotoPrint for Android (octo4a) prefers 5.0 and up.

Hmm, I think this ol' beast can do no better...

Oh, someone has a custom ROM that's based on, whoa! version 7.1?

This will be interesting. 🤞

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Also, in my quest for help it would seem there are lots of tools within an open source software called Octoprint.

This human doesn't have a spare Rasperry Pi to hook up and run the software. But... I do have some old Android phones.

So...I need the USB port to connect to the printer. I took the battery apart in my 2012 phone. I used the connector from the battery pack to hard wire juice.

Installed Octoprint and... issues.

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Got a print to work, finally. However, there was still issues. I sort of cheated to get the print right by using a glue stick. Obviously my print bed is warped.

So, new firmware upgrade time.

Ugh. Tested vanilla firmware. Got it working. Need to go back in and uncomment the bed leveling.


Went to a local shop to get some different filament because now I print in , I guess?

They were very informative. I had heard that the printer ships with some horrible adjustment springs and they sold me some silicone spacers.

That totally f'ed me for printing for almost a week. Seriously frustrated and annoyed.

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Printed a pretty flawlessly. Seriously, there was a bit that was not great, but it was so minute that you could buff it out.

So, I went about printing all the things you the Ender 3 should have came with. Covers, guides, etc.

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Got a 3D printer for x-mas from my sister. Honestly, I think it is because I asked her and her partner to make me something with theirs. Hahaha.

@Ricardus I can do whatever I like, as it is art, but I want to hear some ideas to spark creativity. And it is an opportunity to learn.

What comes to mind when you hear the term "Afro-punk?"

I was invited to participate in an art show and the theme is Afro-punk.


@kai It's mostly filled with people who were kicked out of the NFL for their criminal records. That could be part of it.

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