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Throw out social media. Stop looking at and watching what other people are doing, instead of doing things *YOU* want to do.

Stop believing it's a form of entertainment. It's not entertainment, just pseudo-entertainment, which is a fancy noun for a fraudulent phenomenon intentionally trying to pass as genuine entertainment.

Instead, make content that you enjoy, even if it's only for yourself or an extremely small audience, instead of attempting to consume the entire Internet of Garbage.

That was a close one. First time playing our Valentine's Day gift together and we only had one game tile left before we escaped.

@liaizon My story is that I figured there was a time difference between where I am and @hugo is. I feel like he was setting my instance up at like 4am his time or something!

He's spoiled me for hosting. I recently went shopping for Nextcloud hosts and had a hard time finding the kind of service provided from @mastohost.

Recorded Cinco. I need to edit and draw for the cover. First up though, I have a group meeting.

Last week's pitch got me in the door somewhat, but I was cautioned that it might not be a good fit.

So, I sent over my rough draft against my own desire to put the best foot forward. Honesty, my piece may not be right for the site.

That's okay. Kudos for me for trying. I'd like to do this more often and get back on the horse, as they say.

@kai It hasn't been purposeful. I've just been busy doing stuff.

@lnxw48a1 I know this temptation well. I used to ship my camera gear for gigs outside the state and that was dreamy compared to travelling with it. Get a nice pelican case and never look back, my friend.

@kai I've been somewhat disconnected lately, but I have noticed you have a few posts about making music. That's rad. I'm very happy for you.

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I'm off to the post office in the cold.

It's a race, what will take my feet first? Diabetes or frostbite?

@Ricardus It's warmer now. It moved from -28°C to -22°C. Lucky me. 🤨

Stay safe and be careful in the snow.

@jeena My partner uses Mixbook which is all online. I'm not a fan of the security issues personally, but she likes it. We have about a dozen of the books. They seem to contract to local-ish printers so you get your books very quickly. So, that's nice.

Always been on the beta channel for Firefox. Now that I'm mainly using Linux as a daily driver, I'm annoyed that I have to update Firefox in terminal all the time. I'm used to just clicking the update button in the browser via MacOS and WinBlows.

It's no big deal doing in the terminal, it's just the extra steps of building and then me having to put my password in whenever it finally finishes.

I said goodbye to my Obihai VOIP box the other day. I was using it to connect to Googs voice and stay in touch with friends in the US.

First, Googs is ditching the protocol they were using because it is open and not proprietary, XMPP.

Second, I've been trying to get away from Googs anyway.

I spent 2 hours trying to get internet back to the Windows 10 desktop I share with my partner. She pulled me away because I was getting really frustrated. I'm grateful for the break but eventually I'm going to have to sort that.

Upside: more reason to get aways from Windows completely and ditch Adobe products for open source.

Also fuck Microsoft and their horror story updates. Why do I pay money to be a beta tester?

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