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The @eff needs to make an app that parodies those "which Character are you" things on and

Instead of choosing your Harry Potter or Star Wars likeness, it shows you the data it knows about you over your head.

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The internet is often praised for speed, instant communication.

We use things people said online to crucify them. We talk of futures we fear or delight in, but it is all in the past.

The internet is far from instant. People change every moment. We have to stop condemning each other.

I'm not against debate, but remember we're all suffering and the below each side of an argument is someone suffering.

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If you're around Edmonton this March you can come see my first ever attempt at an art show.

There are 13 artists so you may find something you like. There's live music and drinks.

Tea Bath Time 🍵

Another post card size piece, got a few sheets left over thus trying to give them a good use.🐵
Do you know anyone who would like to adopt these for cheap? let me know🙏

Pen, ink, marker, and acrylic on bristol paper.

#illustration #mastoart #quiralta

Working at the cafe as my partner does her homework before I go and meet my nephew. One table, 2 older ladies having a chat while knitting. They're calm and even in the silence they are fine. Another table has 2 women in their 30s talking over each other and doing nervous giggles every 10 minutes.

I'm trying not to be judgemental, but all that laughter seems to be hiding insecurity. While the older women are simply comfortable where they are at. I wish I was the older women.

I grew a wallet in my basement!
I’ve been growing #kombucha scobies specifically to turn into #vegan leather, and my first batch is finally done. I’m going to write a recap and tutorial. In the meantime, here are pictures of my new wallet, made from kombucha. It feels like a cross between heavy plastic sheeting and leather.

Freebie colouring page - a repeating pattern ^.^ Click through to the Patreon link for the high res print-ready PDF page.

Enjoy! <3

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

What is the motivation for content makers on YouTube to hound viewers to turn on notifications?

I am curious.


I want to care less about things looking "good" or "correct" and just, be loose, have fun? middle of the night art thoughts.

Advertising Is a Cancer on Society

...Real world advertising is not about informing, it's about convincing. Over time, it became increasingly manipulative and dishonest. It also became more effective. In the process, it grew to consume a significant amount of resources of every company on the planet. It infected every communication medium in existence, both digital and analog. ...

-- @temporal

#advertising #AdvertisingIsCancer

It has been a rough start to the new year. My headspace has been dark and I'm observing a lot of thoughts on . I decided to blog about these thoughts and it helped.

Anyone else find it off-putting when friends with iPhones text you back with "Liked 'quote of your last text?'

I choose text at times for the speed and clarity. I don't need erroneous 'yes I received and read your message' texts.

Its 2020 so get with the future. Delete your Facebook and start your own website instead.

Double standard:

I can say, "Will anyone actually want to pay for my artwork?"

My partner cannot say that.


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Training is never mentioned. It's just "preferred" you would know it all.

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There are lots of issues with how we do hiring in the world, but it occurred to me today that job postings are garbage. Basically it is all HR legal-ease that is carefully written to include every *Possible* thing you could encounter. So you don't get a real description. You don't get the actual shift/days they want covered.

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