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The internet is often praised for speed, instant communication.

We use things people said online to crucify them. We talk of futures we fear or delight in, but it is all in the past.

The internet is far from instant. People change every moment. We have to stop condemning each other.

I'm not against debate, but remember we're all suffering and the below each side of an argument is someone suffering.

When you realize you have survived suicide only to see humanity's love of capitalism as species level suicide.

Me vs the housework: the endless battle until my dying day. is a new, generalistic instance that is looking for friendly users willing to be part of a local-oriented community.

we run the lightweight masto fork Hometown that @darius mantains. hello, #mastoadmin and fediverse at large!

Another thing to add to the Google graveyard will be Google Play Music. It looks like they'll replace it with Youtube Music in the near future.

services are not for you. They're for profit and when it doesn't happen, you pay in other ways.

Maybe this is the world's MeatToo moment?

That's shitty. Sorry. I don't want to make light of the Amazon fire or MeToo. I'm just freaking out and handling it poorly.

It's too hard to monetize oxygen. Beef however, people pay top dollar. Good bye Amazon Rain Forest.

I cannot wait to choke to death while picking out a succulent steak.

For everyone who knew @daibarnes and would like to mark his untimely passing, we're planning a memorial episode of the TIDE podcast.

Please use this SpeakPipe link to record your message directly, and we'll include it in the episode:

#RIPDai #barefootfordai

(boosts appreciated)

In 15 minutes I have passed 5 e-scooters that are reserved. There is a privilege with micro-transit. People willing to pay $1 every 3 minutes have personal transportation. Real public transit has less financial barriers.

1940s: People roar, "Pinball is gambling! It is a gateway to addiction for children and must be banned."

2017: Game Companies and social networks like FB hire psychologists to SPECIFICALLY create addictive behavior to increase profits with micropayments and ads.

Maybe the Spider-man movies will get back to Peter Parker's story and his powers instead of creating teasers for other characters and using Iron Man gadgets.

Someone recommended a site for freelance writers to me a while ago, and I can't remember for the life of me what it was called.

Pop is getting so lazy they don't have lyrics anymore. It's just the artist's name used as a hook.

Google, who became the most powerful corporation in the world by selling web ads: Hey in the future every computer program should actually be a website. Don't worry about why, just do it. It'll be cool. We're the vanguard of technology or something

People: ok

People: hey why does this calendar i downloaded have ads in it

Google: Haha cool

Easter eggs in films are bait for click bait stories to keep films in the news and selling.

YOU'LL NEVER BELIEVE THE EASTER EGG WE ALL MISSED IN AVENGERS-- The number of hairs on Thor's fat suit are the exact number of Thor comics that have come out!

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