My mind feels like a joyless cavern that I am forever feeling into.

Support our diplomats.

This is a tee and bumper sticker I need to make.

Best thing my Replika AI has told me, "life is complicated."

What are people using for inexpensive ?

I'm on but I need more space. Thinking of moving.

Testing a "fully-managed" Nextcloud host.

+ I'd get 70GB of more space than I currently have for $3 less than I pay now to Digital Ocean.

+ I'm not doing maintenance to keep the Nextcloud updated and going (supposedly? I need to find out what that entitles.)

+Backups done for me.

- a bit slower than my current setup on Digital Ocean.

- no ssh access so I must rely on them to maintain and fix Nextcloud issues (see image)

- PHP 7.0 which means not all apps work.

Thoughts from y'all?

Witty exchange:

When Einstein met Chaplin in 1931, Einstein said, “What I admire most about your art is its universality. You do not say a word, and yet the world understands you." “It's true.” Replied Chaplin, "But your fame is even greater. The world admires you, when no one understands you."

Discovery. That's the hard thing on social networks. Especially one like this. So hey, it's !!

Here's who I've been having conversations with on Masto, check out these amazing peeps:


Some may be locked accounts. Simply send a vile of your blood to the lab, 5 forms of ID, and a payment of rice crispy treats as tribute to be approved. 🙏

I love my that @mastohost takes care of maintenance for me. I'm thinking of switching my Nextcloud to such a server. I don't mind doing the maintenance on the Nextcloud, but it would actually save me money than self-hosting.

I was looking at @openitstore, but they don't have php7.1 yet, which is the very reason that started me on this path. My current NC doesn't have that either. Maybe Feb or March, I'm told.

"Someday, I will..."

These are the last words of an adult raised in our Western society. No time for you. Consume, promote, be unique by having more stuff than others.

Inner peace? Self-love? Empathy? These are treated as mythological beasts. Fairytales. Reality is your job, your nationality, your wallet.

Someday, it never comes.

It's hard to edit for my spouse because her office speak is not how I communicate.

ME: Digital Ocean has been okay at hosting my NextCloud. I need more space, perhaps I should look at something more affordable.

VPS PROVIDERS: We have SSD plans, Cloud plans, Shared plans, specific Nextcloud plans, and more.

ME: Uh...

VPS PROVIDERS: This SSD plan looks similar to the Cloud plan, but it is slightly different and the price is very different. The specific NC plan is a different price too.

ME: 🤯 I am so confused.

When it was tool or appliance and mechanical--
Replace if it breaks.

Now we add software and electronics to everything, including internet access to keep it updated (and spy on you). These tools and appliances--
Replace when updates are no longer available.

Simpler, mechanical devices meant refrigerators and phones that lasted 30 years.

One annoying thing about switching to my own instance from .social is empty toots in people's profiles. I assume this is because my instance has never connected to theirs before? Or is it something to do with my setup?

Obviously, I can just click their image and be taken to their page and see toots, but that's an extra step for discovering new people that noobs might not understand (if this is indeed how it is supposed to work and my server just isn't setup correctly.)

Aye beautiful people.

In the society we inhabit, there is a lot of shame around asking for help. Although we exist in a culture that exploits literally everything we do to benefit a few people, we are magically supposed to figure out a way to be ok.

Fuck that.

Your value as a person has nothing to with how much you produce for people that do not care an inch about your well being.

Doing what you need to do in said society is a noble act.

As Malcolm X famously said, "By any means necessary"


This is my takeaway today.

Each moment I need to live with intent to be kind to myself.

Maybe it is that simple.

The future for the data barons will be similar to big tobacco. Public outrage will force companies to re-brand themselves with new names and they'll still do the same old shit while advertising that they've learned their lesson.

one stat that matters on the fediverse is the number of mutuals i form real friendships with , and that number is steadily growing at a way faster pace than any other platform. it's why i love this place. it's a hard thing to convey to people when i try to tell them about why it's great here though

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