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The @eff needs to make an app that parodies those "which Character are you" things on and

Instead of choosing your Harry Potter or Star Wars likeness, it shows you the data it knows about you over your head.

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The internet is often praised for speed, instant communication.

We use things people said online to crucify them. We talk of futures we fear or delight in, but it is all in the past.

The internet is far from instant. People change every moment. We have to stop condemning each other.

I'm not against debate, but remember we're all suffering and the below each side of an argument is someone suffering.

Does Preparation H really get rid of bags under the eyes or is it a clever excuse for people with hemorrhoids to carry the anti-inflammatory cream?

Asking because I under my eyes. Yup. That's why.

Marvel has become the 80s action TV drama like Knight Rider, A-team, etc.
"No one will notice the repertory cast of villains and henchmen from episode to episode. It's fine. Fans don't care about continuity."

Trailers for Peacock and NBC shows are like those fake Youtube trailers after your views.

"This cannot be real? Oh yeah, look at those FX. This is fake."

adding something to my todo list seems to be the best way to make sure I put it off as long as possible

Finally made a purchase of one the fantastic pieces made by @xxyxxyart 👏

I mean I put the wrong email address in because I am exhausted from being unable to sleep thanks to an infected tear duct, but at least I was able to support a fellow peep.

My white whale.

I grew up with 8-tracks. However, by the time I was a teen with my own cash the world had moved to cassettes. I always wanted one of these adapters because my home was flush with players. My father even had a couple that you mounted under the dash.

Anyway, you can find this painting of the "adaptor" in my store:

Lost a neighbor today. He was gentle and kind. He reminded me of my grandfather who died many years ago. I am still in shock. Regret not spending more time with him. He would do the stairs in our condo as exercise and take a break on our floor to drop a couple of milkbones for our dog. I worked out with him in the gym sometimes and when I had time I would join he and his wife for coffee in the morning, along with other neighbors.

Prey was a decent film starring an indigenous cast. I also loved the French colonizers as villains. In the 80s the Russians were the token bad guys. I'd be happy if colonizers were the villains of 2020 films.

Self promotion is exhausting. I think that's really why I feel 'dirty.' When you don't like yourself, trying sell you art is difficult. Anyone have an ego I can borrow?

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Well I feel dirty.

I have been absent from the fediverse for a long bit and then I drop a self promotional link.


Inspector Clouseau never trusts a big butt and a smile. Find the new tee at one of my silly stores. Choose the best price and shipping to your area via this link:

So they are not going to stop until they make The Walking Dead: SVU

I understand that there are shortages and I am trying to remain kind. Though, I am seriously questioning the price of flights for subpar, delayed and canceled service. Pre-pandemic flights were half the price with better service.

Broken promises, contradictory information, greed, delays, cancelations, rude I complaining about politicians or airlines?

Airlines primary responsibilities are not transporting people, but to prove the adage, "humans were not meant to fly. "

Expulsion is the only answer! It's the opinion of the entire staff that Dexter is criminally insane.

It is not global warming.

It is not climate change.

It is greed.

When your 7 condo board members make decisions based on personal gains instead of for the building as a whole, what hope can we have for city councils, Provincial, and federal governments?

Profit > empathy.

The internet didn't change how people interact. 4chan and other forums on the web have corporations behind them. Whether it's advertising or hosting fees, corporations are profiting from hate and abuse.

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Documentary interviewee says the Internet was supposed to be this place to freely and openly share ideas, but the technology enables hate crimes, stalking, and abuse.

Now, I'd argue the corporate internet algorithms manipulate people to spend time on their platforms. This means the controversial stuff gets recommended. Those of us who dislike it find our way here to an open and free space.

Many people walk away from politics and voting because it is not free and open as advertised as well.

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