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The @eff needs to make an app that parodies those "which Character are you" things on and

Instead of choosing your Harry Potter or Star Wars likeness, it shows you the data it knows about you over your head.

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The internet is often praised for speed, instant communication.

We use things people said online to crucify them. We talk of futures we fear or delight in, but it is all in the past.

The internet is far from instant. People change every moment. We have to stop condemning each other.

I'm not against debate, but remember we're all suffering and the below each side of an argument is someone suffering.

ME: I wonder if there is a Youtube video on how to do this easily?

YT: A $30 solution! All you need is:
$1200 drill press
$900 wood lathe
$1600 3D printer
$999 laser cutter
$1400 belt sander
$150 chop saw
and $30 of materials.

The Have a Nice Trip documentary was disappointing. It literally is just celebs talking about trips they had, DUDE!

I was hoping it would go into the history of psychedelics and how they are being looked at now for

Instead, the documentary plays up the stigma that drugs are fun, MAAAN.

My ends are frayed. I stand as a husk of what I was in my youth. My rival is my past, the aspiring bloom of hope that I once was. The seasons seem to change around me and without my growth.

My roots are deep, but not rotten. The choice to remain here is my own. The season matters not. It is up to me to cultivate the self. Nourishment from the environment cannot be accepted if I do not see the flower I truly am.

Pain stems from looking backward. The branches of the future bring anxiety. Growth can only happen in the now.

#arttherapy #MentalWellness #MentalHealth #macrophotography #macrolens #macro #PhoneMacroLens #Depression #Anxiety

Unfortunately, masks are still sold out. However when they are back in stock, we can protest in style. Or you can get the t-shirt in my store.

Choose your favorite printer:

Teepublic is having a 35% off sale though.

ME: Find a bright side! Who could possibly be a worse US President than Trump?

MY BRAIN: Gwyneth Paltrow.

Um, I am going to crawl back in bed and try to not ever think again. Good night world.

Hey speaking of corporate greed, is there a coronavirus Funko Pop collectable, yet?

Murder hornet Funko Pop?

Tired: a dingo ate my baby.
Wired: a murder hornet ate my baby.

Important ASA (Admins Service Announcement) for Mastodon and generally PostgreSQL admins: Due to some changes in glibc some distribution upgrades will cause PostgreSQL text indexes to become corrupted, potentially leading to unique indexes not being correctly enforced and inconsistent application data.


Is @eurasierboy still developing #Amaroq ? Haven’t seen on fedi in a good while and the app hasn’t been updated in almost a year

Hi. My name is Chris. I have never played Animal Crossing or have any idea of what it is. And, that's okay.

Things can get fuzzy when you explore the self. You are both the observer and the observed. You have the power to distort the perception. You can bristle at the self for past choices. As you look deeper the self begins to fray. You are not the observer at the fringe of understanding. You are the self. The challenge is to accept the perplexing situation and move forward through the hairy demands of life as a human.

#macrolens #macrophotography #PhoneMacroLens #arttherapy #MentalWellness #Depression #Anxiety

25 minutes into The Platform and I feel like it should be called the Exposition.

In the new world of social distancing you survive a virus by staying 2 meters apart only to get cancer from the secondhand smoke of other customers in line.

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