Tonight on we're talking about Megaforce, the 1982 film starring Barry Bostwick and his suspect silhouette.

You should be able to listen to us live at 7:30p MDT / 9p EDT (UTC-6) over at

We always want more. Sustainability is not a goal. When the Apple Podcast Subscriptions start to drop, it will be time to pivot. It will be less about the passion for the content and more about appealing to subscribers and advertisers.

This will not be every . Though it will influence the genre a great deal.

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Furthermore, it will change the landscape of At the moment it is overrun with the ad model. The networks pushing the ad model have brought more polished podcasts with which the pioneers of the cannot compete with. Ask yourself, would you be interested in watching a fan film me and my friends made in the Star Trek universe over a weekend or an episode of Discovery?

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Who doesn't want to get paid for the passion. I get that people want to make money. I also understand that change is difficult and part of my issue with pay for play podcasts.

However, it just feels so much like the way news and journalism have gone thanks to the ad model of revenue. Podcasts can be entertainment, but designing them to bring in money will affect content.


I am curious if the pandemic will affect Youtubers and influencers. There seems to be an uptick of celebs playing with the usual platforms as they isolate which may cut into the numbers people usually get. This is something that happened to the world in the last 5 years.

A few hours left to nab a second at 50% off if you like any of my
There's some tees from my and

Thanks for putting up with this shameful promo.

How to make money podcasting:
1) Join a network with money like Stitcher and put 3+ ads in your show.
2) $upport another podcast by using your fan base and feed to preview their first episode.
3) Put archived, older episodes behind a paywall.

COINCIDENTALLY, these are all the reasons I have stopped listening to podcasts.

I need to clean up the "studio" space. Guest interview Monday. I also need to sit down and tweak the new hardware compressor before the guest shows up.

We experimented with video in last night's on "Our first video games."

So if you want to stare at white dudes in bad lighting, you're in luck!

Hey, Montreal Sauce with @jeena is a bit delayed. Our guest is delayed by public transportation. I'll keep you updated. Hopefully, we're a go in half an hour.

So anxious about this project on . Conducting my first interview, for an edited, radio-doc style show in a few minutes.
I can edit, let it be what it will be, yet so nervous and keyed up.

Fear. That perfectionist crazy for outside validation because I have a hard time validating myself.

Time to setup to record my first interview for a new on .

Speaking of future production. I need to check the specs of my spouse's old laptop. Maybe I can drop linux on it and use @Jami or another option to record non-local guests. Hooking the laptop up as another source to my audio interface on my main machine to be able to get a separate track. Hmm. If the fans are loud, it's a no go.

So @sean is putting me to the test as the best show notes maker in the world. I'm only 3:09 into the episode and I have amassed 14 links so far.

I was terrible at promoting tonight's live . Oh well. It happens.

We're doing a "Sauce Packet" in 45 minutes on

The sauce packets are just 20 min, one topic shows with myself and Paul. Fun for us, breaks up the hour shows, and gives us time for editing and posting.

Listen live and chat live with us:

It was a weird coincidence that the villain in Operation Kid Brother wore the same outfit as me and my co-host wear when we podcast. Connery's brother Neil doesn't even bat an eye.

Live with a new season of the Montreal Sauce in two hours. Listen at and join the chart room to chat with us and our guest @sean

I cannot get enough of bad movies. I guess that's why I do a about them. 😅

Our latest episode is on a film. It's a parody from the Philippines.

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