What about a temporary residence?

An instance that hosts people interested in mastodon, introduces them around and empowers them to either find an instance they might enjoy or make their own?

You get 6mos. on the instance and after that you spread your wings migrating with all your new friends to an instance of your own.

This would help spread the idea of decentralization and to an extent, self-hosting.

@sikkdays That's an interesting idea!

I'm kind of in that boat myself at the moment. Looking around kind of wondering where I might want to move.

Got any suggestions?

@fortifieduniverse I was inspired by your questions of curation and @Rheall posting about administrating instances.

It's a really tough question. We're human. Today, I want to paint. Tomorrow, I want learn coding. So, joining a more focused instance can seem hard. However, federation is a key element. I can connect to all sorts of people no matter what I choose.

Personally, I decided to support decentralization and host my own via @mastohost .

@sikkdays @Rheall @mastohost I have similar dilemmas. I'm a professional software developer. I'm an artist, a musician, a filmmaker, a writer.

I would happily host my own instance, but isn't part of choosing an instance some amount of camaraderie with your neighbors on that instance?

Trying to build more connections with people. I have a lot of things in my life that make me feel isolated, so I was kind of hoping finding the right instance might help a little, in some way.

@fortifieduniverse @sikkdays @mastohost That's why I want more people to make more general purpose instances, or instances that cater to a bunch of artistic genres, like .ART does.

There are a few that specialize, like ComicsCamp.Club, but ideally they'd all be federating and supporting each other in a nice, creative, federated community.

One can dream. ^^

@Rheall @sikkdays @mastohost That's kind of what I'd like to find. Happy to help out with that sort of thing in any way that I could.

A lot of the existing instances are very niche focused, and don't quite feel like they'd be my home planet. I could certainly homestead there, but it wouldn't be *home*.

But, that's kind of the story of my life.

@fortifieduniverse @Rheall @mastohost Totally get it. My dream was to start a small instance and get some of my friends on it. The home timeline would be us chatting as we have always done and then being able to federate and chat with the likes of all of you.

Of course, my friends are not interested in using things other than FB and Googs. That is the story of my life. I even left FB some time ago. They'd rather text.

@sikkdays @Rheall @mastohost Same story!

Honestly, my RL friends are fine. But as far as interacting with other humans via the internet, I've really enjoyed the folks I've interacted with here on the fediverse much more.

It takes a little more effort to be here, and the folks that are here are usually a little more clued up about some of the challenges and opportunities of different online approaches.

Maybe some day other folks will find it more compelling. But it's fine in the meantime!

@sikkdays that's something mastodon Kolektiva is doing, to an extent. a broad landing pad without a specific topic requirement, although at least right now we're not offering explicit support to show people around


A #fediverse MMORG intro-village, you get to walk around, talk to friendly people, (and bots,) but you don't meet any of the trolls and dragons, roaming in the dark...

The first instance I joined was not a success. It's a bit hit or miss, if you're lucky you meet nice (like-minded) people, if not then you either move or start again.

Not very user-friendly, but not easy to solve.

@sikkdays with a countdown. 180 days for you to find your next neighbourhood.

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