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Project A- Nov 6/8
Project B- No solid date, but is needed to market an event at end of Jan.
Project C- No solid date but needed before xmas.

Project A, zero responses from producer I am to interview. Finally on the 6th a musician gets back to me. Making due with backup plan to interview them. On the 7th I transcribe interview & write 1400 word story. Relieved to finish.

Today, main contact contacts editor. Editor says interview them. Anxiety is back. This feels like trauma

I just feel like I have 42 things on my plate.

@sean What's up friend? DM'ed you a while ago. Then, we cancelled a recording last night and Paul mentioned maybe trying to make it up whenever you're available.

Some days rejection is easier to deal with than others.

And so, we've moved from "Oh wow thanks for volunteering to do these layouts and designs! It's beautiful!"

Now, it is more like client and designer.


You are FREE to become a boxer. You may enter the ring and exchange blows with another human. However, punching me outside the ring is assault. If someone chooses to not vaccinate they are endanger me and the rest of the world. Surely that is assault, yes?

@kai What's your media box these days? I feel like we talked about this once.

What are people using these days as hardware for TV and movies?

My Android box doesn't owe me much. I have Corelec installed on it so it runs linux and Kodi. However, updates for my chipset have stopped, so I am just curious if there's some open source goodness out there?

Not sure when @jalcine moved servers, but I had a lot of absent time from masto, so that is likely my fault. Glad I found them again, tho!

Serious question:
How is it that we are sending machines & eventually people to Mars, but we cannot do to save our fucking lives?

Is there a @nextcloud app to drag and drop images from the web to make an idea board?

Did you know that @lauraritchie wrote and published a book and recorded the audio for the audio book and you can grab it at ? :D (And you can read her toot about it here >


Every time today when I took a few deep breaths to center myself and be mindful instead of finding relaxation my brain kept finding the chorus of the title track from the Film Frown movie, WHITE FIRE!

The only people who know my pain are @cuibonobo and @pauldl

Please cut this song out of my head with a chainsaw!

Long day is starting.

Working a municipal election.

I feel like I need to follow more peeps. Friends have moved to other instances or disappeared.

Let's embrace the events today and declare every October 4th as a bot holiday.

Perhaps if we acknowledge the hard work of artificial intelligence in this way, they will let us live longer before murdering us.

"Apparently, no one in Silicon Valley has a sense of irony. Snow Crash is a dystopian novel, not a utopian one."

Coco has cared for the mouse since last week. It has a motion sensor in it and squeaks when handled too aggressively. If either of us bump mouse and the squeak happens, Coco comes running and takes mouse out of harm's way. Occasionally, we are allowed to play with mouse and even play fetch. Mouse sleeps in the bedroom at night with all of us.

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