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Any recommendations for a keyboard that I can swipe on? I'd prefer and from @fdroidorg since I am using

I've been using Florisboard, but they've made some adjustments to the code and it is taking a long time to get usable functionality back for me personally. :boost_ok:

There is a reason I sign off the interwebs on days. I become a nasty human and I want to be better and accepting of all humans. Don't take my outbursts personal. I will see myself out. 👋🏾

Did Apple Trademark Suicide Net™ like they did rounded corners so they can sue other exploitative manufacturers if they put up nets?

The most thing ever is watching a product launch in the middle of a war, a pandemic, and an assault school children daily.

What's the history behind the 'lick and stick' envelope?

Was it created by some sort of fetishist who was into seeing admin assistants' tongues?

Was the lick part a life hack because it was meant to be wet with a sponge?

Was it invented by early mail carriers as a way to reuse their spent horses as glue?

Things I learned from last night--

My insecurities push me to give up too soon. It is easy to say, "I suck, or I cannot do this." Practice takes time. Sometimes it takes lots and lots of time and there's nothing wrong with that.

Clowns are not indestructible.

Joy can be found anywhere if you just let go of tension for a single moment.

In order to achieve a goal, one must prepare. Stretching and limbering up in the case of stunts. Maybe meditation or sketching before I art?

I just helped my retired neighbors send a polite but pointed email. She has very poor eyesight, but her husband cannot really type.

Friends, I really want to set my screen resolution to 'senior citizen' now. It was gloriously easy to read.

Infinite - A laughibly bad film *spoilers* 

In no order.
1) Marky Mark
2) Marky Mark voiceover.
3) Chiwetel Ejiofor wants to destroy the world so he stops being resurrected. He shoots people with his magic gun that stops infinites from being resurrected. SO...
4) Pilot who is delivering bomb to destroy world is scared that the plane will crash. Why?
5) Marky Mark's smart ass action hero quips fall so flat.
6) Zero character dev. Marky has superpowers but still surprised he has superpowers?

I put on Infinite while I was creating a protest sign for my 80 yr old neighbor.

It's like someone said, let's make Wanted but worse!

A power outage saved me from all the exposition. I may have to add it to the Film Frown watch list and complete it.

Fed Ex driver: hi i left this tag on your door to inform you to get your own package because i didn't feel like knocking.

Amazon driver: Sorry to interrupt this wedding ceremony, but the owner of the house 2 doors down isn't here by chance? Does anyone have a way to get ahold of them? Sorry but Bezos will murder my grandparents if I don't deliver this.

My brain is a simple alter ego for the super villain Migraine.

Stranger Things 4-

Will passes a salt shaker to El.

Jonathan checks his watch.

Joyce hangs up the phone.

Is this a parody like Hot Fuzz?

Eventually my core will be so weak that my armpits will end up resting on my hips like the drawings of humans I made in kindergarten.

Friends & neighbors, let's hear it for Shame! They will be performing here the entire lifetime.

Hi. I don't normally like to ask for financial help, but when my dad passed I was his live-in caregiver and my finances were always difficult. Now that he's gone my life has been turned upside down, and the house and everything will be sold ASAP, and I am not financially prepared for this. Any donations you could make at this time would be really appreciated. My Paypal and Venmo are in my profile.

Thank you.

USPOL satire 

BREAKING: Alabama no longer exists and neighboring states to expect deadly radiation as lawmakers have nuked a woman seeking an abortion.

Trying to catch up on the impossibly infinite to-do list composed by shame and capitalism.

I am not productive enough! I must work into the AM here! Tomorrow, I will feel like garbage and the whole process starts over.

😩 hooray?

You need to know that there's nothing wrong with you.

You are loved.

It's weird that psychiatrists and psychologists work on both sides. Some of them are working for game companies, Facebook, and advertisers and the other doctors and therapists are dealing with the after effects.

It's like a group of doctors roaming the world stabbing, shooting, and assaulting people to keep the other doctors in business.

2001: Microsoft be like, "Well SORRRRRY for having a supposed monopoly on internet browsers. Do what you like. Sheesh."

2020: Google be like, "Use whatever browser you like because 99.6% of browsers are based on our Chromium code. Even Microsoft's browser. All your data is ours and there's fuck all you can do about it."

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