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DISNEY: Hey! Hey! Look over here! Hey! We're going to be culturally appropriate casting a character! We're good boys.

NETFLIX: Hey, we want to our service to be successful in your country, what do you want to make? Ok. Go for it.

a lot of people ask me how do you stick with alternative social media such as #mastodon when all of your friends are elsewhere. If you expect all of your friends to move here and mirror your interactions there it won't work.

Think of it this way, you don't interact with the same people and the same way in different commercial networks.

and think how you started using the ones you use regularly. There was some content you wanted to or needed to interact with.(1/3)

This whole Rally thing reminds me of Ghostery.

"Hey, here's a plugin to block trackers! Brought to you by a company that tracks you! Now your data is kept from our competitors and you feel safe."

It feel like signaling, not helping. It is the organic label on an apple in the produce store.

It's hard to live in a world where the marketing team in my head is so good at spinning everything into the slogan, "You are not enough."

Installed @yunohost to play with a few different software options and decide what I like and need. It is very similar to the amazing arkOS from @peakwinter

ME: Why is everyone using Docker?

Also ME when seeing software install instructions for a distro I am forced to use:

Maybe I should just install @yunohost

I have not got out on the bike much. 😔 So my activity has been mostly dog walks. We even had a play date watching a friend's dog. Lots of walkies.

One weekend my partner wanted to try to ride her bike (first time since her accident last year), so I put pup in the #k9sportsack and went to the market.

No more hiding, back on the bike for a good cause. Donate to and help others like me. #RideDontHideYEG #RideDontHide #yegbike #yegwalk #MentalWellness #MentalHealth

So thankful for all the hard work over at @ArchLabsLinux I have had very few issues in the last several years.

I just tried to install @ManjaroARM and had nothing but trouble. Likely related to the ARM hardware of the RPi.

I guess I'll do the official RPi OS. I just wanted to stay in arch where I am comfortable with pacman. I guess this old man has to learn more commands.

I need to sit down.

A client said 'make the logo smaller?'

mh [hold up] 

When someone tells you to have a positive attitude and to stop being negative.

I am going to start paying bills and subscriptions in elaborate ways and make corporations try to figure it out.
This payment includes a $75 bonus! Of course, transaction fees are $20, my time it took to pay you- $50, the lawyer who helped create this plan charges $300.
My $25 bill is now minus the aforementioned fees means you owe me $200.

I was impressed by Koodo Mobile because of their "Tab" system. Coming from the US, I liked that the price of the device wasn't hidden in the bill. Each month a portion was paid off and when I finished paying it, my phone bill would be cheaper.

Now, their "Tab" system is a form of obfuscation. Use this tab and get $300 off the phone and only pay $10 a month for 2yrs for the device. Use this tab, pay $300 upfront, get $60 off the phone and pay $10 for 2yrs. WHAT?

As much as I have started feeling frustrated with Patreon, I do have to say Jack Conte's Scary Pockets is fun.

I am living some sort of nightmare with my laptop.

I jumped into the Windows side to do some work in Adobe and there were some updates to the BIOS and Intel Management Engine.

I didn't notice until a few days later that my laptop stopped charging. I figured out how to get it to charge again thanks to the web, but the updates are all I can think that would have caused this.

Now, in linux, my WiFi just quit with no reason. I restarted and it was still down. Eventually re-enabled it.

Two nights of actual sleep.
I still feel exhausted. I want to celebrate the victory of 2 nights, but I am afraid it is a fluke and I'll just let myself down again.

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