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If I am honest, today was a Hide day.

I had a productive week. It was busy, but there was not anything that was too difficult. This is what many of us deal with, mood changes we cannot describe. It could be a trauma from the past my body is reliving. Perhaps it is exhaustion or something at a subconscious level that I do not understand yet.

Here I am though. I pushed through and participated with a shorter ride. I hope you are all well and taking care of yourselves.

#RideDontHideYEG #RideDontHide #MentalHealth #MentalWellness #Depression #Anxiety #shame

Admittedly, I know very little about running a server even after doing it on about 4 occasions. So this is just shitposting.

"Windows sucks! Linux command line is how I roll! Oh, hey, you don't have a docker image for your software? You mean I have to manually set things up in a terminal window. Screw your software."

It always feels good to visit this site. Even if my opinion differs from someone else in my feed, I don't feel overly agitated when I visit here.

Thanks for following me and the great conversation, friends.

Hugs to anyone that needs them.

I was not sure I was in the mood after a long therapy session, but i rallied and I am glad I did.

I am riding for the Canadian Mental Health Association this month. If you can spare some funds, please donate:

Or get out and show your support by doing some self care of your own.

#ridedonthideyeg #mentalwellness #mentalhealth

mh (~) 

There's some release in journaling, but there is some fear that I am feeding the dark thoughts?

As a writer, there's also some shame here. Like there's a desire to end the entries on a positive note. I am ignoring it for now, which may be why the fear is there?

Too bad Amazon bought MGM instead of Lucasfilm. They could have reboot Star Wars with Alexa playing the part of R2D2.

Anyone ever use MoOde or Archphile?

I really need to get my music server going again. Archphile looks nice because it is an image and then just config. MoOde is similar but with a gui setup and based in Debian.

Mopidy is python and also looks interesting.

Any experience with these servers?

It's been so long since I've used Windows on this machine that the message is: Your device is at risk of being out of date. It will need to restart to install updates.

Interesting word choice. My 'device' is out of date? No. My software may be, but my device isn't. Please stop perpetuating the wasteful practice of upgrading constantly.

My secondhand laptop running Linux:

What's up? Whatcha need?

The same laptop when I switch over to Windows 10 for something work related (even before I launch a single application:


Actually started this round of journaling earlier this week on paper while my partner was at a consultation with a surgeon. I added it to my :writeas:

Starting to journal again. I think I will use my :writeas: @write_as blog. Today, I wrote about ignoring myself because the pain is too much.

Rumors DC might be sold to Disney.

Cannot wait to see Spiderman Yoda Superman Mickey Mouse Sportscenter GoPro Fox Sports Hulu Fozzie the Bear Wall-E General Hospital Disney Vacation on Ice crossover special!

Research questionnaire (my research project) 

I'm up to 91 (I need 178) Still going ! This will help me lots, but it will take a half hour. You are asked to write a couple of sentences and there are two quesitons where you have to drag and drop sentences. After those two (very tedious) quesitons, it is all single easy ticks. if you do have the time and are willing, I'd be grateful! anyone 18 or over can do it. Thank you!

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How do I see my images in @PixelFed now? I only see the last 8 images I took. I used to be able to see all of them. I was going to send a link to a painting to someone, but I cannot find it.

Why is online learning so difficult?

1 - There is a pandemic. Subconsciously I know that I cannot go out and learn this in person.

2 - Most education that has moved to online has done it quickly, without much planning. Documentaries are cut together to tell a story and elicit emotion. Films, and even Youtube videos are created with storyboards.

Talking heads and slide shows are incredibly boring.

Research questionnaire (my research project) 

I'm working to validate a metacognition questionnaire, & it rquires a certain number of participants for the stats to work. (178 completed responses) It is anonymous and is approved by the Ethics Committee - it is about metacognition, personality, and self-efficacy and takes a REAL 30 mins on a computer to complete- big screen helps as 2 Qs have lots of choices. If anyone is willing, I'd be very grateful! #psychology #research

How can I learn more of indigenous philosophies while being white and respectful?

I am really getting sick of our Western human ideas of property.

NFTs seem to be all about ownership. Didn't those memes go viral because we SHARED? Wars are fought over property. We are so obsessed with possessing things. Someone please hit the reset button on this simulation. Thanks.

"Hey check out this new podcast!"

OK, sounds interesting! Maybe I will!

"It's exclusively available on (insert proprietary platform here)!"

Well it's not a fucking podcast then, is it?


Where labels stop being descriptive and start being prescriptive, somewhere along the line, you failed to grasp what the purpose of a label actually is

Final reminder: in 24 hours I will be giving a live webinar on Taking Control of Your Data. It will be free, it is expected to last 2-3 hours. Hope to see you there!

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