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Is there an archive, Firefox extension, tool or other ways to share new behind soft paywalls? It is sort of annoying that journalism is going the way of music. I used to be able to make you a mixtape, but not anymore.

The #artgraf experiment is done.

I am proud that I did this with a single brush. I often grab different size brushes when I work and that can sometimes throw me out of the headspace. As a smaller brush may not produce the results I think it will. Using one brush from #sketchboxfebruary I was forced to slow down and be meticulous.

I have some issues with how this turned out, but I am trying to give myself credit for this being a first time with #graphiteputty and strictly using a brush.

#ArtTherapy #creativetoots #mastoart #pixelfedart

Hi, we have collected ALL your data to the point that our A.I. knows when you are going to shit before you do. Time to exploit another species and collect their data.

Why do I feel Godzilla Vs. Kong likely has less property damage on film than any comic book "hero" film from marvel or DC?

Tyler Perry's Justice League would feature him playing all the female roles and would likely be less misogynistic than Zack Snyder's version.

This is just a feeler for now, but would people be interested in helping organize a Free Culture conference online?

If so, could you drop me a line?

People running instances with lots of media: has anyone used for S3-compatible object storage? The pricing actually looks pretty good, and I'm curious about how well it might actually scale up for serving video content.

At this point, I would wager that Google employees have to login to Youtube and watch 4 ads each Friday in order to have payroll send their direct deposit to the bank.

Interesting how Apple has convinced people that lineups at stores are due to product scarcity & popularity and not people seeking repairs, compensation for defects, or help with their 'user-friendly products.

Acting is an interesting field to be in these days. People are valued for portraying something they are not. However, we're finally seeing more conversations about appropriate cultural casting. Yet, you have Colin Firth & Stanley Tucci playing gay men in Supernova.

As the boundaries of acceptability change, we may even have to look at Glen Close and Amy Adams playing southern women in Hillbilly Elegy.

Really need a good cry this week, but it won't come.

How's everyone else doing?

Fucking just cold called me trying to get me to pay them. They pronounced my first name right which made me think that it was not a marketing call. But when I said I had only logged in to play with Deep Nostalgia and I was not interested in any of their services they got very rude and tried to hang up on me.

In the Matrix(1999), humans are unknowingly fed a virtual reality in order to be batteries for machines.

In reality, humans are fed narratives of consumption, hard work, and drugs in order to be batteries for corporate wealth.

Our minds are always trying to protect us. Our initial reactions in difficult conversations are often the result of our nervous systems interpreting stress as a threat. Thus, we protect our views and choices with anger, denial, and escape. Take a few breaths, check in on your emotions & facts.

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