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My daughter's OnePlus One running LineageOS has just died.

If you've got a spare OnePlus device* you would sell to me for <£100 to arrive (UK) before Christmas, let me know!

*not OnePlus X

So they hired Hayden Christensen to reprise his role in the new Obi Wan series.

Disney exec quoted, "Mesa love when you kill the younglings, Ani!"

Who else is excited that Hayden Christensen will be back to kill the younglings and acting in Star Wars!

After the new trailer, I am already looking forward to the reboot of Marvel's What If... series.

What if Disney used quality animation for the show! Oooh.

Admiral: We're going to put a new crew on Discovery and disperse the current crew among the fleet.

Captain Saru: We have a crew on Discovery? All this time I thought it was just Burnam. Huh.

Apparently, there are other characters on the ship besides Michael Burnam?

It’s almost like “personal carbon footprint” is a mcguffin invented by petrochemical companies to shift blame away from systemic problems! :blobcatthinkOwO:

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I cannot really call myself a Fantastic Four fan, but in my outside opinion no one asked for, I don't think it will ever be a success for Marvel. It feels like a super hero team from another era. It's like trying to reboot silent Chaplin films.

We are so go-go-go in our society these days. People feel uncomfortable with a day off.

Perhaps I can start a new business:
Lethargy Life Coach.

What do you think?


I probably won't do it.

My thread of some cyberpunk games that don't crunch their workers for billionaire profit, promote transphobia, and aren't hyper-seizure inducing.

fake history 

The world's longest running podcast started in the Roman Empire around 56BC where messengers named "I Tunus" would be dispatched using Runner Speedy Syndication (RSS) to deliver special messages to subscribers. It was quite popular, even though most of the content was ads for Stoneslab mattresses, Trianglespace, and Bombays sandals. The format was shelved when runners passed out while trying to recite the podcast at 2x speed.

Pitney Bowes, the worst thing to happen to shipping since customs.

This month I'm offering redeem codes to those who'd like a freebie (This 50 track album normally costs 5 UKP). DM me if interested.

You can redeem the codes here:

When you arrive at that link, you'll find a tickbox which allows you to join my mailing list.

There's absolutely no obligation to do so, but it would be great to keep in touch and for me to ask you how you enjoyed the music and also keep you informed of my activities.


"Spotify helps me discover new music"

Your know what else helps you discover new music?

Bandcamp Daily had a lot of genre-focused posts, even stuffing deep into genres that get overlooked. has dozens of channels.

Music podcasts exist that cover various musical styles.

International radio stations are a great balm for the wasteland of USA radio.

Magnatune is a label that covers many different genres.

Point being there are better ways to find and support artists then Spotify

A short podcast from @pauldl and myself on our first video games.

What was your first video game?

Just uploaded the #FOSS glitch sound effect sequencer #LV2 plugin B.Oops pre-release 0.4 to

New: samples, factory presets. Play around!

#linuxaudio #audioproduction #libremusicproduction

One of the best improvements I've ever had was I went from "damn, why can't I draw like that" to "wow, I should learn to draw like that"

It's amazing what a change in perspective does to art and mindset

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Observation about birbsite/masto elliot page reaction 

I am in a bubble here, yet
While I was checking out back in the day, there was an influx of LGBQTIA2+ humans. As a white male, I felt like I was learning a lot. In comparison to the abusive platforms, this place was more inclusive and I did my best to be an ally.
Today, everyone on birbsite seems to be congratulating themselves for Elliot Page. I haven't read a peep here. It's not news here because it is not an issue, perhaps?

How many hits would a YouTube video with this thumbnail get?

"This YouTube Thumbnail Is a Lie!"

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