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Listened to the Cowboy Bebop box set as I was cleaning. So good.

Where can one stream the show these days? I only really caught episodes on late night cartoon network, so I never did a proper watch through.

So is the Secret Service team assigned to former President Trump going to be required to stay with him inside the prison? That seems complicated.

@Rheall I am curious about Animal Crossing. I feel like it would be something my partner would enjoy.
So, Animal Crossing New Horizons is the one everybody plays?
Get my partner a Switch, or a Switch Lite?

Any advice is good advice. I am lost.

Why do companies promote two-factor?

1) Less customer interaction for password and account hack issues?

2) Possibly protects company server somewhat more from hackers.

3) ******Cannot find two-factor code? Lose device with authorization? Sign up to our service again so we can inflate our use numbers! ******

Google (Android): Hey you have less than 15% battery life left. Why not turn on battery saver.

Also Google (YouTube Music): If you want to listen to music with the phone screen off, sign up for premium.

I now imagine @sean as a radio DJ for the services, a la Good Morning Vietnam. Mostly because his DJ alter ego would be Airman Silly. :blobpeek:

If you dream of yourself struggling to sleep, does that mean you got good sleep because you had a dream?

Asking for my friend,

Wouldn't it be nice if any and all text presented to users by any kind of computer interface - website, mobile app, desktop app, literally anything - could be easily selected and copied to the clipboard? So that it can be pasted into translation tools, or search engines, or bug reports, or documentation? And when I say "wouldn't it be nice", I guess I mean "how is this not a self-evident truth that the industry didn't realise and achieve decades ago"? As far as I can tell, we are actively moving away from this goal, since text highlighting in websites has become ever more of a crapshoot in recent years, and is often actually impossible.

Oh hey, the ad model doesn't work,for us anymore and you were not buying our filter packs so our free photo editing app you've used for 10 yrs is now a subscription-based service! We bet you would have liked to receive a message like this, but instead we thought it would be best to surprise you the next time you open the app.


ME: um...what? This pivot feels like a 'fuck you' when you do it this way.

Oh my eyes. I really need to figure out my display on my 10+ yr old macbook with @ArchLabsLinux

I cannot adjust the brightness and it is making my eyes so tired.

It worked before, but I did a clean install months ago and struggled to get it to work properly for a week before giving up.

Water on the moon?

So at what point does capitalism go up there and get it to sell bottled moon water?

Just kidding. I know the water industry will just use tap water and label it as moon water.

I don't often bring up domain blocks, but if you're running your own server, you might want to block the domain, the potential for spam and abuse is immense.

The Evolution of Support:

1950s- Friend, this will last forever or my name isn't General Electric!

1960-1970- Hello, sir or madame. How can I help you today?

1970-1980- WELCOME TO THE PHONE LABYRINTH, Press 1 to get lost.

1990-2010- Hello sir or madame, I am reading from a script and cannot help you with individual issues.

2015-present- Hello, I'm an AI pretending to sound human in this email. My name is Elizabeth and seeing the key words you typed, here are the Bullshit answers I have.


I know many people have branded 2020 as awful for obvious reasons. However, I worry that we as humans are missing the point.

A new year won't fix the pandemic. It won't fix the rise of xenophobia and racism in most of the 1st world countries. A year from now the climate will still be problematic. You and I will mend these issues. Humans working together. Yes, it will take time, but a new year won't bring us 'back to normal.' As a species, we need create 'a new normal.' Leave the past.

Once again I'm back on my "The RIAA doesn't get one more red cent from me until they stop being idiots about things".

Hit me up if you would like some music to listen to in the interim.

"What's your sign?"

Oops an unexpected error occurred

It's time to write a quick article for a local publication. I am sad that I seem to have never outgrown that petulant child who doesn't like assignments. The only person that lets me write about things that interest me This could explain why my personal blog isn't a household recognizable brand. :blobpats:

@Rheall Hey. Hi. Just checking in. How are you? What have you been up to? How is things?

~your friend

I want to advise someone in our community about having a #reCAPTCHA for their #mailinglist or not. But I have no experience with them.

Would like to either recommend a good, unobtrusive alternative to #google here, or able to state with confidence that no captcha is needed (the website just registers the email adress with a form post).

What are your recommendations?

I will add in a poll for good measure..

🔑 How do you protect your mailing list..

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