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Whenever I see any kind of discourse on Twitter, I have to remind myself that *this is not normal human behavior*. It's hard to remember, though, especially since every single journalist is on Twitter 24 hours a day, so they themselves have become blind to the water they're swimming in.

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EFF is celebrating 30 years of defending internet freedom live. Unfortunately, it seems to be on birbsite.


Tonight #CircusInPlace starts an hour early, allowing us time to have a #coffee with our friends before we start training.

Come join us for the "Emperor Norton Coffee Hour" and stick around to see what #clowns do when suitably caffeinated.

Tonight at 7pm UTC-5
Goes until the coffee wears off.

Whenever Picard :trek: gets cancelled, I hope the final episode is a creepy CGI recreation of young Sir Patrick Stewart at the Academy with Q explaining that if he continues with his career, all these bad things happen and he should just go back to the family business.

Why is it when I go into emojis in the admin panel and 'enable' emojis they don't show up as custom emojis on my instance? What am I doing wrong. I've done it before and it worked...

I am unreasonably excited about this project.

It absolutely proves the potential of having a tiny pocket computer that isn't locked down:

Looking for a 2D animator for a short project! Marginalized folks especially encouraged to apply! This is a paid gig!

Interested? Email with your portfolio!

Please boost!

Anyone ever hear of RoundGlass Meditation Collective?

I was just curious because they've approached me and I didn't know if it was sketchy or an MLM.

Looking at you @voidspace

Maybe I am being a grumpy old man, but...

Young people be like, "Corporate greed is disgusting. We are sick of your manipulative advertising! Also, please consider using my digital marketing service. I run a boutique style agency that focuses on SEO and audience building."

I have been spending a bit of time the last few days on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr one one thing I notice right away is that the most common post type seems to be screenshots of posts from one of the other networks.


How can we take advantage of this type of federation being normalized and integrate that knowledge into our anticapitalist self hosted decentralized future?

On some new meds for my diabetes that removes my appetite. Wow. I never want to eat again.

I've been writing for my blog a lot lately. I need to do some edits and paint some images to go with the blogs so I can post them.

And it's done! Every Mastodon server on is now running v3.1.5

It all looks good but any problems or questions please let me know 🐘

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Doing some online learning for a volunteer thing, and I feel so disconnected with the material. Is it the that has locked me away for months that has me craving a social aspect of a classroom? Or does an actual classroom setting facilitate learning?

Quite possibly both. Learning in the same space I sleep, eat, create art and relax is very confusing to my brain.

I am not as prolific as frequent podcast guest Dan Hogan of because I do not draw nearly as much as I'd like. However, to be fair I did fill 2+ watercolor journals in the same time as my sketchbook.

The new blue sketchbook is from my friend @Creaturista

I got it on their store a while back. Excited to support other artists and draw more.

I may try manjaro suggested by @kai yet. I am having all sorts of issues with the latest installer for @ArchLabsLinux

Is there a website you can feed your tastes to and it will show you healthy meals that fit your tastes?

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