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@sikkdays One of the nice side effects of free software is that you don't need to feel that feeling :D

Furthermore, I think there is some emotional guilt coming up. *I am paying for Adobe currently, so I better use it!*

This should not outweigh the fact that my Macbook Pro, whether in MacOS or Win10, does not have the recommended graphics card for Creative Cloud apps.

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Alight time for pros and cons--

Pros: yeah, I know Adobe and can use it efficiently.

Cons: adding Windows or going back to MacOS to use Adobe will be a pain. We all know we're beta testers and even software & hardware meant to work together has bugs, these days. So, me doing the labor of 'getting things to work' will be frustrating.

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I am certainly torn about my use of Adobe Creative Cloud. The fact that I know the software allows me to focus on creating.

Moving to and is possible. With everyday use, I think I should be able to adapt. Though, it can be so distracting to try and create when you are unfamiliar with the tools. The old man brain will act like a child, pouting for functions and tools I used in the past.


@kai You getting the Pinebook to take to cafe's when you stalk hot...I mean surf from the cafe? Or do you think it will be able to do some of your music editing and such?

Hey peoples, I have a question--

What sort of linux system are you using to run Krita, Inkscape, etc. ?

I am thinking of getting a Pinebook Pro because it's about all I can afford. And I am not sure it could handle creative apps like that. Thoughts?

Moar landscape tries. Branches are somewhat improving. More importantly, it is nice to be in the process without a show, a commission, or money-making mindset behind the creating.

#watercolor #arttherapy #MentalWellness

Also fellow comic-making peers - I am also happy to send you the WIP pdfs (just ask!) because I would like to cultivate a little group where we feel comfortable to post our WIPs and give and receive feedback. I miss that from my school days (and I never went to art school)

So the political party running things here in Alberta released a PSA mailer on covid-19. They branded it with their party logo, rather than acknowledging it was the government paying for the PSA.

Lots of people were angry. So, I scanned it and put the gov logo on it and remade the PSA about the political party. I submitted to the city reddit.

It's the most upvotes I have ever received. I got coins and awards. I've been given access to platinum club and the lounge.

Feeling like an IMPOSTER

Guys I'm still pissed that movies like Wizard of Oz (1939) are still not in the Public Domain

Fuck Disney

I gotta say, if you ever have to draw something you're not super comfortable with, set a timer, do like 30-60 seconds per reference photo. Draw the thing like 50 times from every angle. Probably the fastest why I know of to start to get a handle on something new.

tasteless joke 

Betty Devos is destroying the US education system because the Devos's owns 80% of the gun ranges. Business has tanked because most shooting happens at schools now.


Is all Velcro not created equally?

Several months ago I bought some at the dollar store to replace stuff on the dog's harness. I just meticulously cleaned her hair out of it and it still doesn't stick well..

Excited about the ability for responses to @write_as

I thought the privacy was excellent and became a paid supporter early on, but have not used mine much because I miss the conversation aspect of blogging.

ActivityPub mentions are now in #WriteFreely!

Start conversations on the Fediverse by publishing to your blog. We're excited to see how you'll use it — whether that be responding to toots with a blog post or pairing mentions with a Mastodon bot!

Learn more about this and other features in the new v0.12 release here:

@zatnosk Did you just have a b-day recently? Like 3 days ago?

BREAKING: Breath mint & gum lobby says social distancing must end or thousands will be out of work.

Listening to the new Fiona Apple and working to update my art blog.

(also fighting the shame of adding "finally" to the end of that sentence.)

Jessica Abel's free book club for Growing Gills is only on Facebook. That's a bummer. She does add the live video recordings to her blog.

Personally, I am unsure if I am ready for the book. The introduction has you track your time for 2 weeks. This is incredibly difficult for me. I have so much around and the time-tracking exercise is certainly feeding that issue.

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