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In these uncertain times, where we are all self-isolated, we need Google Wave again.

Hello my lovely #MastoArt•ists!

The world is strange and scary right now. There's a lot of uncertainty and fear, and it can be difficult to cope when social distancing is the most important thing we can do to help.

I'd like to take this time to encourage everyone to be good to each other, and support each other however you can. Friendly/encouraging comments, boosts, favs, and more positive interactions can go a long way to help us all feel less alone.

Take care. We're all in this together. 💜

If you're looking for something to do on Friday or Sunday, my friend SadieYuki is resuming her cards nights! We're playing Cards Against the Federation, a Cards against humanity variant with less crude humor and more Star Trek jokes & new players are always welcome

Game time is Friday, March 20th at 8:00pm EST, and Sunday, March 22nd at 12:00pm EST but you can join whenever and be dealt in at the beginning of the next round. More details at:

Has anyone in the US decided that they identify as a corporation so they do not have to pay taxes?

⚠️ PSA - Pixelfed Admins 🚨

We understand some Pixelfed admins may be considering closing down instances due to financial strain from #COVID19

If you need help to maintain your service, please email hello @ and we will do our best to help.

If you would like to sponsor an instance, feel free to get in touch via that email as well.

Things Covid has proven:

1. The job you were told couldn't be done remotely can be done remotely

2. Many disabled workers could have been working from home, but corporations just didn't want them to.

3. Internet is a utility, not a luxury.

4. Universal healthcare is a necessity.

Join Our Second Documentation Hackathon March 22-30…
GusMarch 16, 2020
Documentation is extremely valuable to the health of open source software projects, but it is often overlooked. We are a small team at Tor, and as a nonprofit organization with a big mission, we rely on volunteer contributions around the world to keep up with an ever-changing internet freedom landscape with the appropriate tools to navigate it. Keeping Tor's documentation up-to-date, organized, and accessible is a way to potentially help millions of people access a private, secure, and uncensored internet by using our tools.

Between 22 and 30 March, the Tor Project will host the second edition of our user documentation hackathon, the DocsHackathon. The DocsHackathon is a totally remote and online event.

If you've never volunteered with us before, this is an opportunity for you to become involved in the community, get closer to our work, and make meaningful contributions. During our first DocsHackathon last September, we had 70 registrations, 8 contributors, and over 70 pull requests to the support portal, Tor Browser manual, our main website, and other repositories. If you helped out last year, we hope you can join us again or help spread the word. Once the DocsHackathon is completed, we'll reward the top 3 contributors with official Tor swag.

So if you're a copywriter, front-end dev, tester, or content reviewer,we'd appreciate your help improving our documentation, updating our support portal, and ensuringtheir relevancy. Don't feel like any of these apply to you but still want to help out? Chat with us on IRC (#tor-www - or the community team mailing list to join us and find out where you could add value.

To participate in the DocsHackathon:

Register to get access to create and comment on issues in our Gitlab.
Join the Community Team mailing list.
Take a look at all of the tickets marked with the "DocsHackathon" keyword on Trac and Gitlab.
If you have a documentation issue that is not currently reflected in Trac, create it, tag it, and let one of us know on IRC channel #tor-www.
Choose a ticket and start working on it! You can submit Pull Requests on our GitHub or from your own git instance.
This isn't a requirement, but: If you talk about the the hackathon on social media, we're using #DocsHackathon.

A contribution will be counted when your PR or merge request is merged to the master branch of the relevant repository. The awards to contributors will be announced after all the merges are done.

For more details on how you can contribute, check out our DocsHackathon wiki.

We are a small nonprofit with a big mission, and we sincerely appreciate your help getting our documentation up to speed. We look forward to working with you soon.

Are any of my friends 3d modelers ala @blender If so, could I pay you money to make some Freely Licensed 3d models of spaceships and things to replace the proprietary ones in EmptyEpsilon?

Anybody up for a voice and/or video chat craftalong? #knitting #crochet #art

I can get a Riot video link for interested parties

We have paused our Patreon until further notice.

Please consider donating to a local food bank instead!


#BWIF, Quarantine Movie Night! 

The upcoming art show I was invited to show in has been postponed until April 17th for the safety of all of you and the pomegranates. Be safe. If you have tickets, they are valid for the new date. If you don't have tickets please get'em. The work I am seeing from the other artists in the show are fantastic.

First 'call with a clown' completed. Rousing success. Can't wait to spend virtual time with someone else soon.

If one has questions about running self-hosted, federated enterprise-ready setups in small or large scale, which allow easy collaboration without licensing cost, feel free to ask.

I may happy to run something like that for myself :X

And created some Ansible roles to deploy it within a day or two on CentOS 7 servers.

#AMA #federation #selfHosting

Wait, hey #GenX kids. No. Our chance to shine is not to just to show how good we are at social distancing.

It's also to remember how alone we felt sometimes, and to be there in channels to be supportive when other folks start to feel that void gnawing.

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