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This looks good. An app that recommends evidenced-based personal development courses and connects you to a small peer support group.

Free thanks to philanthropic backing.


Likely unpopular opinion: Tank Girl > Harley Quinn.

Play is good, actually, and it sucks that we've all been convinced that we need to turn our hobbies into a side hustle (even worse that sometimes we actually do *need* to do so in order to make enough money to live).

Blood diamond? Well most of our natural resources come to us through conflict. Oil & gas pipelines, the rare Earth minerals in our phones are all obtained through coercion, conflict and blood.

We fill our cars with blood oil, heat our homes with blood gas and I am typing this on my blood phone.

Maybe we need to start talking this way.

telling people they can set up cross-posting from twitter is bad because a lot of them wind up back using only twitter and just leave essentially a bot presence here shitting up timelines, change my mind

universe: We make AI into emergency medical holograms, doctors.

Our universe: We make AI to market videos & goods to make profit.

The @eff needs to make an app that parodies those "which Character are you" things on and

Instead of choosing your Harry Potter or Star Wars likeness, it shows you the data it knows about you over your head.

What if print on-demand sites numbered prints unobtrusively? Us independent don't sell Adidas quantities, but we're not doing exclusive runs like Supreme. Or, maybe we could using a system like I propose.

Point is, someone buying shirt number 752 knows there are still only 700 of 4 billion people on the planet wearing the same tee.

You could get that must-have Nike or H&M tee that everyone else has. Or you could grab something that no one else is wearing. Trust me, I see my sales statistics, you'll be unique. 😅

Won't you support the boy with a heart of gold & a mind of mental illness!

I'm surprised there still doesn't seem to be an and friendly theme that's just ready to go for people?

Pop music is getting weird. However, that Shawn Mendes/Camila Cabello "I Like It When You Call Me Pat Morita" song is catchy.

ME: My back hurts.
DOCTOR: Lose weight and strengthen your core.

6-8mos. later after working out...

ME: Wow! Less back pain and new clothes!

6-8mos. later after schedule change...

ME: My clothes don't fit and my back hurts.

Just peeking at my ArtLab site that needs to be badly updated and curious if I should print some glitch art on metal?

It hasn't really been a real "seller" on t-shirts, but investing in printing of the or on metal could flop as well.

Hmm. Not like I have the money to do that.

Any #Android dev out there looking for a new (and probably easy) project?

I just found Nextcloud Cookbook (/com/android/quickstep) which lacks an Android counter-part. Even "View only" would be great (for the kitchen). All data is stored in files, one sub-dir per recipe, well structured JSON for data (plus image files if there are any with the recipe).

Who takes the challenge and writes a small viewer?


mh [~] and art 

Our local transit options rely on Google's system for routing. Uber, taxis, food delivery, and even Tinder use these location tools from Google. One company has this much power. And, it can be hacked with a wagon and old phones.

As I just got an email reminding me I support @Tusky, I'm using this opportunity to tell everyone who uses it to chip in as well :-)

our dances, our songs and ceremonies, which we couldn't do in public legally until 1978 with the passing of the indian religious freedoms act. White settler colonialism has attempted to destroy everything about indigenous identity. They are still actively attempting to obliterate our heritage, our traditions and our relationships to the earth and all its beings, because it flies contrary to their worldview of exploitation,domination and supremacy.

When our very existence and our practicing of

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