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Seriously digging Light Phone 2. A while ago I wrote a piece on how I bought a low end Android phone and survived. Switching from Apple to Windows, to Linux, also reminds me that adapting isn't as hard as it seems.

Though, I can't find info on Light OS. I assume it's based on Android. That isn't completely awful, but it would be great not to keep feeding Android.

This device seriously reminds me of the simple, intuitive and useful Pebble watches.

No matter how many cybertruck jokes you make about its appearance, Tesla is winning. They got you to talk to it and give them free advertising. Too bad you're not getting paid for your work.

You can finally donate to #Gadgetbridge again.

After more than a year we bit the bullet and re-enabled donations on liberapay by complying with what had to be done to make that work. We were already almost dried up and were unable buy devices we wanted to support. To make #Gadgetbridge even better please consider to donate.

I really need to work on a new meditation. I have several ideas. Four of the previous ones have about 500 listens and I have 2 over 1000. That feels rewarding.

I want to see more non-binary defense coming from cis friends. Please speak the fuck out, please defend us, please speak up when being made fun of in the media is the norm. I’m tired of being othered and afraid to show my identity. I want us to share a word. Cis man, cis woman, if you are a true ally, please speak up

Intersex Folks (+) 

Maybe I just miss it for the most part, but I don't really see much positivity or even general acknowledgement directed at intersex folks?

So, just wanted to say you're all awesome and send love and positivity to the intersex folks that I know are out there because you fucking deserve it. 💗

When you think about it, it's super weird that we've completely normalized a form of communication that essentially let's you barge into someone's home and demand their attention without invitation.

The developing norm of texting to ask if it's a good time to call is good and it's weird that some people think it's weird.

Catching up with the with oil pastels and pens.
I have never liked using pencils daily, but in art I found I liked them for adding value. So 2 years ago I challenged myself on inktober not to use pencil, to break things down simpler. My last couple pencil drawings in 4-5 min have been terrible. I guess I really did learn to use pens.

If diarrhea is the meaning of life, I have ascended.

"Everyone gets a plate before anyone gets seconds," but for housing.

And Healthcare.

And, you know, while we're at it, also food.

Two more days of an intense peer support certification course. I am learning so much!

At the same time I am fading fast. Not sleeping in my own bed and being away from home is having an impact.

I often feed my shame demon by thinking what a pervy, toxic man boy I was in my youth. Apparently, objectifying women through my youth doesn't help my draw female faces. I am terrible at this.

Tired: Disney+
Wired: Undoing the fucking damage Disney has done to our culture, copyright, and the public domain.

We Distribute has joined Feneas!

We’re excited to announce a new milestone for this publication. Since its inception, We Distribute has been dedicated to the sourcing and distribution of news relating to Free Software and decentralized communications. The project has provided extensive coverage over the development of new apps in the federated social web space, and interviewed developers at the forefront.

Catching up on the 2-5min I did some custom greeting cards for friends and I had a podcast editing gig to finish.
Anyway, with @CountZero encouragement I tried my brush pen on one. Another was my first time with oil pastels, and then chalk pencil and my sketch pencil.

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