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I am doing the via @Ayior where we are taking 2-5 minutes to capture a face.

Realistic Sketches in pencil has been a strength which is why I moved to watercolor to grow. But 5 minutes? Oh that's a challenge. Yikes.
5 minutes on the first, 4 on the second.

I remember years ago we used to joke about the algorithm at Netflix. "You don't know me at all," we laughed, but it wasn't terrible. Now, there aren't real recommendations. Instead, it's just Netflix trying to sell its own shit. Watched it already? Rated it already? No matter. Same shit, different day.

Despite the fact that data is worth more than a oil these days, we fail to think about it that way.

Media reports that Google has acquired Fitbit for the hardware, but just think how much health data they just purchased.

Totally not made up proverb 

With great power comes great carbon footprint.

Capitalism is like Halloween, but instead you go mansion to mansion for trickle down $ or work.

The latest piece I'm writing for a local publication has made me super frustrated with these "one page" websites where you click a link and it scrolls further down. These things just don't work well.

Which of the peeps on are doing a study on ads in podcasts? It's fascinating how it has grown. A half hour sitcom in the 90s probably had 8 minutes of commercials. A 45 min podcast these days has about 6-7 mins. In that comparison, it's not terrible, but how long before we have apps that can see and skip ads?

2019: The Children's Television Workshop moves Sesame Street behind a paywall at HBO. They also earn some money selling Farmer's insurance.

2025: Using children's educational characters in commercials is now the norm. Abby Cadabby becomes the new spokeswoman for the NRA and Cookie Monster changes his name to Juul Monster to promote vaping to kids.

FIGHT CLUB: Destroy the computers containing our credit records and we're free!

REALITY: Spammers impersonating creditors and other agencies eventually create distrust to a point that the system collapses altogether.

Would we even have phones right now if spam calls started back in the telegraph days?

You got quite a deal! I paid too much because I found mine in an antique mall, but all mechanical and I can put any ribbon I want in because it has pretty standard reels.

economics & politics 

Putting wealth in the common ownership of those with the means to create more jobs in the future?

Trickle down economics sure sounds like communism to me.


What is it like to be a man?

This is a fantastic article about the essential falseness or artifice or incongruity of masculinity.

It sounds like people need to introduce their local PBS stations to @peertube

The issues around streaming PBS shows is very complicated because they aren't centralized, but comprised of every local station.

I really need to journal or even meditate on what is stopping me from meditating. I know it helps me, but I put it off like the gym. I think deep down, I feel like I don't deserve it? Or I am punishing myself? Or is it a subconscious way to have a reason to feel bad about myself?

If your town's fire engine doesn't fly the nation's flag can those fire fighters be trusted?

The things @anildash says on this podcast about ways to improve social networks would be interesting to test in the Devs like @dansup and @Gargron are already doing some of it, but Dash has some other insights.

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