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I started my drawing on the wrong side of a paper to make a card!


Facebook: I'm in a promising local band.

Twitter: I'm developing an idea for a startup.

Instagram: I'm building an audience to become an influencer.

Mastodon: I use Linux distros you've never even heard of.

tweetdeck is redirecting to the regular site.

I think I should really just kiss birbsite goodbye.

Rather than atone for 40 years of mistakes, failures, horrible behavior, pain, and hurt I can just rebrand like a corporation.

It wasn't me who said and did those things. That doesn't fit with my personal brand.

podcast musing [~] 

I'm sort of feeling like @jeena when it comes to the Montreal Sauce podcast. I don't know if I want to continue. I suppose that is a conversation I should have with co-host @pauldl

I enjoy doing it, I'm just not sure about finding more guests and doing the pre-production.

That said, I do still have investment and heart in Film Frown. Is it because that show is easier to produce? Or it feels easier because the pre-production consists of watching a movie?

Hello my lovely #MastoArt-ists!

Let's remind the internet of the abundance of creative talent on the :fediverse: Fediverse!

If you're a freelancer in a creative industry available for work, whether it's illustration, design, animation, gamedev, voice acting, modelling, composition, etc., make a toot describing the work you do using the tag #ArtistForHire!

Let's :boost: the heck out of them and give some much needed love and attention to our hardworking creative professionals. :bowie_stardust:

Hello artists! 🎨

Tomorrow begins Inktober, and while plenty of people have already written wonderful posts about this, remember:

However you choose to (not) participate is valid.

Can't draw traditionally? Digital ink is fine. Can't draw every day? Understandable, life gets in the way, and resting is also important. Hate drawing with ink but still wanna use the prompt list to join in? Do it!

Does Inktober stress you out? In your settings you can filter out hashtags or just the word. It's ok.

T-shirt idea:

"I voted and all I got was a tax break that bought me this $30 t-shirt."

Sort of fits for most elections. Maybe I should create this.

We have successfully tested @fedilab and @Tusky with Pixelfed!

We expect to 🚀 v0.10.6 within the next 24 hours, with mobile app support 🎉 #pixelfed

This is very true, and the more people that realise it, the better: #Wikipedia is no longer our friend:

Harvard is a Hedge Fund.

is gross and severely broken. Why do students pay $50,000 for tuition when the school has $40 billion already?

I have about 9 ideas for cards, half are good. I need 22 more for


The title of the next Spider-Man film is Spider-Man : Google Home.

On the run, Peter removes the Stark tech from his suit because the government has access and can track him. He feels safer with Google uploaded and running his gadgets. All praise Disney and Google.

Wait, so everyone's favorite Disney/Marvel also produces Fox News now?

Disney just needs to try to get their hands on Harry Potter once more, buy the James Bond rights, own the Beatles catalog, and nuke Broadway to become the Ministry of Truth from Orwell's 1984.

In The A-Team, Mr. T was afraid of flying like the producers of the show were afraid of spending money on helicopters for episodes.

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