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The future of computing:

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What if E.T. isn't about a little boy helping a lost alien return home?

Instead, it's a couple of white kids sending an "other" back to where they came from.

E.T. Go Home.

is gross.

Sorry this tweet is not available in your country.

Antiquated copyright laws to keep executives at Disney wealthy, stop innovation, and create a false class system in power will continue to divide humans among themselves, like the fake borders we create. Yay?

Borders are a lie. There is only nature and human.

The good folks from "Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal" unknowingly and accidentally published a comic which describes the content of our song Vengeance in comic form.

Remember when you could buy and download software and games from the web?

There were no CENTRALIZED app stores and Steam to monitor your purchases and collect your information.

It was freedom.

@sikkdays As they say, cannibalism is the only (potentially) ethical food.

Even broccoli can't consent. 😀

Rodeo, circus, and zoos are bad. However, by all means, UFC, fights, and wrestling are fine.Treat animals with respect, but humanity? Go ahead and murder each other.


AUDIENCE: You're being paid to say that. Lame.

INSTAGRAM INFLUENCER, PODCASTER, YOUTUBER WITH SPONSOR PRODUCT: But This Now! They didn't pay me to say this! I only got this very expensive product for absolutely free. I love it.

AUDIENCE: I must have that!

Writing a new for myself. It has been a particularly hard month. I've put on a brave face to assist my partner as she went back to get her masters, but the price has been me not dealing with my emotions.

Net Neutrality, Purchasing & Privacy 

Movie Theaters - Privacy 

Movie Theaters - Privacy 

Movie Theaters - Privacy 

This would be improved if you had an option to fund your company. A link to your physical books perhaps? As it is now, it is a threat.

Fixed that for you America--

I pledge allegiance to the Logo of the United States of America, and to the Profit for which it stands, one Nation under consumption, indivisible, with privilege and capital for the one percent.

You want to win an election in the US? Simply give your message and money to Disney. They're the only production company that has films in the theatre this week. They have TV shows and their starting their own streaming service. Time to pledge your allegiance to corporate rule.

I feel like I live in the world of Robocop.

I need to clean up the "studio" space. Guest interview Monday. I also need to sit down and tweak the new hardware compressor before the guest shows up.

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