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What if there is no such thing as anger? Maybe it is all fear.

In case it isn't clear, Google has now reached, in many sectors, the "extinguish" phase of "embrace, extend, extinguish".

"Google is locking down API access to Gmail data (and later, Drive data) soon, and some of your favorite third-party apps might find themselves locked out of your Google account data. "

One day only sale! Want a t-shirt or sticker? This code should give you 20% off-- FLASH

I appreciate any and all orders of my art work. Thanks !

If you're in Sweden, there is a mini IndieWeb Camp in Åmål this saturday, I'll try to join it.

The moment we take up aggression is the moment we become the enemy we were fighting.

Like so many things in my life, I think I've burned myself out on improving my mental health.

Self-reflection is not easy work. I took it on in an all or nothing way. I didn't balance healing with living.

We change people's minds one at a time by being vulnerable and actively listening. Shouting accusations at everyone in social networks is not the path of change, it simply solidifies those entrenched in anger.

If only I had the power to filter what I see and hear. Unfortunately, I have no control over my eyes and ears. So...
Let me tell you how I want you to behave so that I'm not triggered.

The way we move forward as humans is together. We do this through communication. Embrace the beauty of gray. The black and white world is full of conflict.

honestly i think a lot of the very dumb takes on mastodon come from the fact that it's been advertised to people as "nazi-free twitter" for so long, which is both a reductive view of what the fediverse is and not even necessarily true. the appeal of it is that you can carve out your own space on the internet.
there is nothing uniquely nazi-free about the fediverse, there's really nothing you can do in code to stop fascism. it's just a much better model than corporate social media.

Dear silicon valley, where is the late stage capitalism app that sends someone to my house to fold my fitted sheets?

Not sure what to do next. I've affixed half of the fortunes I've received in my life to this board.

More details, maybe some gold lines in between some of,the fortunes?

A finish of some kind? That seems like a good idea. I'm not sure what? Clear acrylic? I'm out of my element and experimenting, so feel free to chime in.

Okay officially asking for a bit of help. Though I'd have decent housing when I landed in #Portland but only had enough for one night and I got like five days before I am in on. Anything to either or to a housing setup would be dope

My 6th landed on Insight Timer. They seem to approve them out of order, but I forgive them. This one is on forgiving one's self.

Ironic CW. Potential Contentious Attitude 

Friends of the Mastosphere, I need your help! I was thinking of making my minicomic into a zine, but I have no idea how the process works.

How do you guys do it? Do you print your zines at home with a rigged fax machine from 1995? Or do you enter a shop and force them to print all your copies at gunpoint? How do you overcome the awkwardness of such a situation? Do you use standard A4/letter sheets and toners or do you ask only for the finest vellum?

Thanks! 🖨️


Hanging out at in Calgary. Any other Fediverse peeps here?

How to ask for advice on Mastodon:

Need advice on what bike to by? Post that your car won't stat.

Need an Linux Distribution recommendation? Post that you Windows OS just decided to upgrade.

Need to do an informal poll of what people drink in the morning? Post that you like coffee.

(Tongue in cheek. I love you all.)

For anyone who has to support AutoCAD, this is 100% truth.

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