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"Why no I don't have a degree, but I do have a life. So that qualifies me to be a 'life coach,' I assure you. Now let's talk about my fee."

I'm working on show notes for our podcasts and just ran into my old recaps that I called The Mocking Dead.

That was fun.

So what do Linux peeps use for converting audio? I know it is not open, but mp3 is really a standard, so I would like to convert a podcast edit to mp3. Suggestions?

Plot hole in John Wick 3:

I'm sorry, I just found it unbelievable that 2 dogs would listen to anything Catwoman told them to do.

Learned some new things in Ardour. I'll have to set it up on my desktop and see if I can use it to record. That will require some thinking on my part. I sort of want to dual boot to linux, since I share it with my spouse who uses Windows. Or, I could get Ardour for Windows...hmm.

I tried to explain my recently in blog form. It's like water/electricity coming to a home. It's always on and I activate it by opening the tap, that is, simply thinking.

There's no money to be made in telling people they are good enough just the way they are. and have always subverted

Trying AnySoftKeyboard because you know Googs is evil.

Such a confusing message. dropped the professionals using their hardware and software 8+ years ago and went full on consumer tech with the iPhone and the underpowered Air.

Sticking with this, announced their plan for their Apple Lifestyle brand and entertainment studio.

Now, they add professional grade hardware again?

I'm sure they'll get the influencers on YT and InstaSpam, but actual studios and production houses have long ago left.

Start a blog and write your first article, get $20. Write another 3 articles within six months and get another $20.

"That was a good walk. What do you want to... I'm...maybe...maybe I'll take a nap, dad." Coco Bean is my sleepy

Now I know why the spouse and I have never tried the Beyond Meat™ burgers at A&W. Under staffed, probably under payed and working at the pace of unhappiness. Like the decor, the employees have been forgotten. As such, I've been in a fast food restaurant for over 10 minutes waiting. Even a drive-thru customer came in because no one came to the window to take her money. I've seen 1 order get filled in this time. I'm feeling so sad for these workers.

We experimented with video in last night's on "Our first video games."

So if you want to stare at white dudes in bad lighting, you're in luck!

I was using Opera as a secondary browser to put Masto in and the occasional, terrible instance I needed my Google account.

However, I don't want support Chrome dev in anyway. So, I'm just going to use containers in a new window, I think.

Boost this for awareness please!

KNZK users!
Do not send mass dms, please! The fediverse has a built-in function which doesn't act like spam.

1. Log into KNZK and open you settings
2. Go to "Data Export" under "Import and Export"
3. Download and save the CSV file for "You Follow"
4. Log into your new instance
5. Set a username and icon that are slightly different so people can differentiate your new account
6. Go to "Import" on the new account
7. Select "Following List" and import the CSV file

My desk is a mess as last night I was tying to once again decipher Focusrite Control and my Scarlett audio interface to do the simplest of tasks.

I really wish I would have bought something better than a Scarlett for the simple fact that the software is the worst.

Join the conversation live! We're doing a short 20 minute show on our first video game love. RIGHT NOW!

OR We're playing with video on TWITCH? WHA?

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