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Been making little printable shrinky dink badges, it's fun!! Going to make more :)

InstaSpam comment on every post:
Is this your original art? If so, would you like to pay us to feature it on our account, which will get us more followers to extort more money from other artists like you?


Anything left in the sun for 3 days that should be refrigerated.

As a cinephile, I have never been into some of the assumed favorites. I haven't enjoyed the following:
The Godfather
Blade Runner.

What are the assumed favorite films you're not into?

I think if there's one thing I'd like to do as a freelance artist it's be a force of positivity and support to other artists in the same boat

Like idk what I'm doing!!! But I know that I'm doing my best and that others are trying to do their best, too!!! We all deserve and need a little support and encouragement!

Jim Carey and "Gangsta's Paradise?"
Why do I feel like is going to be a recruitment film for the Gamer Gate crowd?

Freedom of the Press Foundation is hiring again :)

This role has more of an administrative bent -- managing relationships with news orgs who use our services, e.g., SecureDrop support & digital security trainings -- but it also includes tier 1 support for SecureDrop, and room for technical advancement.

A great "starter" role if you want to get into tech nonprofit work, are super-organized, & are into digital security in particular. Remote -friendly (US time zones):

remember, if you'd like unlimited power, become a coder. you can just release code and people will run it! you have to make it do X thing they want, but as long as you do that okayish, they will literally run anything you want on their computers that comes with it. it's the wild fucking west baby

Looking into the state of SMS/SIP tools and oof we need some FLOSS energy over in this department. I hate that Google Voice is still the "best" option to text message from "the internet"

Episode 19 of my podcast Jeenas Excellent Encounters is out:

@sikkdays Chris and @pauldl from the US/Canada invited me to their podcast and we spoke about Universities, Podcasts, the IndieWeb and marxist philosophers.

#podcast #JEE #montrealsauce

Big weather change here which has my head feeling icky. Spouse too. I did my already. I have some other tasks I wanted to do, but maybe my head needs a rest.

3 hours is up, my eyes still feel a bit agitated after being dilated by the doctor. However, I can read enough to type. Yay? 🤨

So DuckDuckGo has a !bang to search Startpage via DDG (!sp). But Startpage uses Google results, so why not just search !g via DDG? Do the two layers of separation make you more anonymous?

Our live stream is broken! @Pauld is continuing the interview, but will fix the streaming server and broadcast the episode later. We'll keep you updated. Sorry @jeena and his friends who were eager to use.

We're talking about user-freedom right now. Tune in, chat in the chat room and join the conversation.

Yo! We're live with @jeena over at talking about , Sweden, Metal, and whatever else comes our way.

Hey, Montreal Sauce with @jeena is a bit delayed. Our guest is delayed by public transportation. I'll keep you updated. Hopefully, we're a go in half an hour.

We'd be so much better off if we'd stop trying to recapture old feelings and look forward to new ones.

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