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Hi, my name is Chris and I don't understand why everyone thinks Oscar Isaacs is so great.

Whoa. Tried Netsurf on Windows for 3 seconds. I couldn't type '@' symbol to give my email to sign into Masto. It rendered the mobile page and I saw no setting to change it. I couldn't even paste my email address.

Tell me again how it's not a black and white world? I can use webkit or mozilla.

I was going to join the Kondo cult, but I just felt no spark from their leader.

Maybe I'll just try this alpha software for giggles.

Install Docker.
Install Docker Compose.



Do what? How? Lost trying to translate dev install instructions with Docker Compose docs.

Maybe I'm over my head.

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Can I have suggestions/links of CC music from artists that happen to also be on fedi, please and thank you? :blobaww:

#askfedi #askfediverse #lazyweb #CreativeCommons #music #help

As I mentioned in, I'm down to help people with F/LOSS projects (optimally for the Fediverse/IndieWeb/general public) to add #IndieAuth support (both consumer and provider) for their projects. The easiest way for us to grow our projects is to work together!

I don't know how I'm going to pay my oxygen bill to Google this month.

I wanted to add some terrible attempts at engraving with a Dremel to my art blog, and now I've written 3 other posts about the things I've been up to. Oops.

I need to get all the images scanned before I can post the 4 posts. Jeez. I just made a lot of work for myself.

🚨 Do you use Krita? 🚨

Would you like to test out my first 100 Krita brush bundle?

Holler back if so!

The sheer number of people on Facebook with their real names, photos, locations and workplaces on their profile who are happy to throw abuse at other people kinda disproves the argument that it’s online anonymity that causes abusive behaviour

Hey, @kai and I are waiting for a podcast about creatives using Linux. Forget Adobe cloud, Pro tools and the other proprietary tools. Where's this podcast or Peer Tube show?

When your VPN won't load Amazon it's really a reminder of what?

A) You shouldn't spend the money.
B) You are the product they sell. Page will not load because they want your data.
C) Your VPN has issues with certain connections.
D) All of the above.

I played with Vanilla Forums for an upcoming project and I don't mind it. However, I'm so used to Discourse on other sites, I just wonder if I should switch?

+ I could use the space I have at Digital Ocean.

- I could just quit DO and not have that bill if I stay with Vanilla.

I don't even know if people would use the forum, so not spending the money seems smart. At the same time will a non-discourse forum be a deterrent from people using it?

Reading @pixelfed documentation and github page. I'm thinking even though I have some space to experiment with, I'm not yet ready to try installing it myself.

That said, I do want to help and maybe trying and helping documentation is a way to contribute. 🤔 Not sure I'm that confident to do that right now.

We used Cotton Bureau for our first podcast tees. Their concept of fund raising for a short period of time was unique. The quality was amazing.

I issued a reprint not too long ago for the holidays. The shirt quality was different, but not bad.

They've recently dropped the fund raising element and gone print on demand, which is a crowded space in my opinion.

Now, I get annoying emails from them attacking my emotions-- 'You haven't sold anything in a while, how can we help.'


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