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@jeena I managed to talk to Paul the other day. I made a new Montreal Sauce shared calendar on my Nextcloud instance and hopefully Paul's going to put his availability in soon so we can schedule you in for a chat!

I may have to gently remind him to do it in a few days. Papa Paul is a busy dude.

What's good for you? Any preferences? (We want to do our best to work around you, Mr. 8-10 hours ahead of us.)

Love your friends. Treat them well. Cherish them.

Anyone have a Roku these days? How is it?

I had a second Gen box and enjoyed it. I a switched to an Android box, but I'm de-googling now. I have LibrElec on the box with Kodi, but I am curious have we handed our entertainment systems completely over to Google and Apple? Gross.

Open source captcha idea--
Instead of using the captcha image to train self-driving cars, the captchas train the human users about .
"This is ocean where the fish is caught. Click on the country where it is filleted, then the country it is shipped to and sold, in order to save labor costs."

Open source captcha idea--
Instead of using the captcha image to train self-driving cars, the captchas train the human users about .
"Find the child miner in the picture who is digging for the rare Earth elements for the device you'll throw away in a year."

captchas exist to stop bots from accessing content. The captchas are used to train other bots thereby contributing to the problem.

google captchas are fucking unethical stop making me train their neural nets to log in to my accounts

I made a guess about the documentation being off, but I installed another theme before testing my theory. Yup. I was right.
I know it's up to the theme creator where content is found, but the docs say, "hugo new posts/" and the themes I've tested look for content in "post" not "posts."
So where was I now? Oh yeah deciding how I'm going to get everything out of into .

My experiment became sort of rote. It's time to step back and refocus on why affirmations do work for some people and I think I know why.

This is Morning Mantra Cuatro:

I finished editing the next

I'm going to take the pooch for a walk and then get to publishing it.

Well, everyone, this little pet project of mine has a name now: Tales From The Fediverse!
If you want to be a part of this anthology or help out in any way, shape, or form, reply or DM me!

If you don't think you can help, give us a boost!

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only human on Earth that prefers Star Trek Enterprise to DS9.

Gonna start a new trend or something: Basically the reverse of CuriousCat. Ask a question and anyone can answer it.

To ask a question: Post a question and tag it #fediAMA.

To answer a question: Just answer it, you silly person.

To subscribe to questions: Subscribe to that hashtag.

First, anime is too big to be a single genre of film. To say, "I don't like anime" is like saying I don't like movies. You can say that, but don't judge all of cinema because of one Adam Sandler movie.

Having said all of that, I haven't seen enough anime to join or be part of pleroma. That's obviously a perquisite.

MH (~) 

Sold the extra 17" Macbook I had. :blobcheer: Too bad I already spent the money last month to get a preamp. 😐

I wanted to record Cuatro while my partner was at the store, but I was busy editing some of my words and she came home. I thought, I can probably get away with her in the other room and then her phone rang. So yeah, maybe tomorrow.

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