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Oh right. Taxes.

That's always an exercise in

I can't wait.


This is my takeaway today.

Each moment I need to live with intent to be kind to myself.

Maybe it is that simple.

Okay, I think I'm going to grab a US calling plan. They're not super expensive. Even so, that's not putting the onus on my friends and family.

So, I've found which I can hook up to my calendar. I set up availability there and people can make dates to chat. Then, I'll call them.

Now, will people be put off by this somewhat cold scheduling thing?

At least I'm trying to make an effort. Take that .

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It's difficult to stay in touch in this day and age and care about .

I realize this probably has a lot to do with my , but I feel like a dick saying, "Let's stay in touch, but I don't want to use Google, FB, or FB owned WhatsApp.

That's cutting out a lot of "easy" methods my non-techie friends and family.

I have to be willing to meet them halfway, but they also have to make that leap.

Maybe I should just look into a calling plan that supports the US.

My poor . She's travelled with us once and visited the same family dogs we're seeing this time. However, she's more protective and territorial now that she has a family to lose.

So there's been some posturing with growls and snarls, but today she's got into it and is now bleeding from a small cut.

I'm so distraught now. I feel like an awful dog dad. My heart is breaking for her.

Being sick while visiting my partner's family in Vancouver is really pulling those strings. I'm isolated (in bed most of the day) and feeling like I deserve it.

It's like, "Not now, . I'm dealing with another illness at the moment."

Admittedly this last is a bit wordy. I was never happy with it, but I had to start doing it, rather than let it lapse because of a desire to be perfect.

Up way too late playing with new instance.

Also, I hate Sunday nights. They really play into my low self-worth. The next day my spouse goes to work to participate in society and earn money. I used to be able to to that. So there's a boatload of shame that doesn't let me sleep.

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