Anyone have thoughts on gatekeeping in ?

When I joined a collaborative art show this year, I got a feeling that some were looking down on me because my work wasn't a 'collection.' There were others that were accepting, but I got a sense like I was less important because my pieces didn't have a cohesive element bringing them together. Personally, I think artist statements do the lifting there, but that's just me.

Teepublic and Design by Humans are having sales right now if you are interested in some of my Tees for gifts. Find masks and stickers for stocking stuffers too. Hit for the links.

Submitted some of my art to an open call for a hospital. I don't have high expectations because most of my work is small. However, I hope this is a catalyst to get me back to working.

Hey peoples, I have a question--

What sort of linux system are you using to run Krita, Inkscape, etc. ?

I am thinking of getting a Pinebook Pro because it's about all I can afford. And I am not sure it could handle creative apps like that. Thoughts?

Finally got all my designs on every store I have joined so people can find the best price.

Peep your choices here:

Now I can work on the big list of new designs I want to add!

Hey friends, I have heard good things about Jessica Abel's book Growing Gills. It's free for a limited time! I am going to grab it and I thought I would pass the info along.

Bah. I knew mounting this piece would be a challenge and I really spent my time to get everything even and lined up. However, panic set in. So I have some of the medium I was using to glue it down on the piece and a wrinkle. 😰

Any ideas? I suppose I could do a white acrylic around the lakes and MI? Meh.

A reminder to my Edmonton peeps here. I am doing my first art show as part of a collective at The Works on March 20!

Live music, a dancer, drinks, and 13 artists. Come check it out. The tickets are here and support a good cause--

So this painting has been frustrating size wise. I found a block of birch I could mount it to, but I almost feel that it cuts too much of the painting away. So I mocked up a quick and dirty floating frame as well.

If you're around Edmonton this March you can come see my first ever attempt at an art show.

There are 13 artists so you may find something you like. There's live music and drinks.

Brain is mush after watching videos on ways to mount watercolor works.

How do we feel about unpainted paper in paintings?

I know some painters dislike unpainted canvas in a final painting. Just curious if that goes for watercolor as well? And if there are any solutions when you specifically wanted the paper's color there?

Thoughts on my artist bio would be greatly appreciated. Have a look:

I'm so insecure about doing this show. Any comments would be welcome.

Any suggestions on mounting watercolor on paper to do a gallery show?

I am a total noob.

Trying to add my current and images to a couple of other print on demand sites so people have options, but it is taking some time. I really wish I was spending this time working on the ideas I have for new designs! 🤔

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