I'm surprised there still doesn't seem to be an and friendly theme that's just ready to go for people?

A while back I started working to replace my Known site with a Hugo site. Things got busy. I should just pay someone to build me a new friendly blog. Now, where can I find money...

Yo! We're live with @jeena over at
montrealsauce.com/live/ talking about , Sweden, Metal, and whatever else comes our way.

Our podcast is NOT live tonight, but at a special time tomorrow, Friday April 26. Why?

We're going to chat with our friend in Sweden, @jeena about , open source, podcasting, metal and more.

The times (we think :D )

12pm MNT, 14:00 EDT in North America and 20:00 Central European Summer Time


I really love the philosophy. Of course, I don't think I really have a community or audience, so I sometimes wonder if making a website with all the indieweb goodies really matters.

I suppose that's my depression talking.

My site looks decent enough. I just want to get more goodness flowing and I'm thinking of migrating.

So, I love what indieweb folks are doing with . That would require me to learn another thing and get a VPS.

I could stay with which I'm using for my art site. There's a small, small, tiny, smattering of folks who have some indieweb working. It also works on the shared hosting I have.

Then, there's coming around the corner.

Am I in a rush? I guess not?

So @jalcine is working really hard on lately. It's a good time to slide some support his way: ko-fi.com/jackyalcine I think I just threw some of my xmas booty at him if the transaction went thru.

Our Empty Pub

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