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The upcoming art show I was invited to show in has been postponed until April 17th for the safety of all of you and the pomegranates. Be safe. If you have tickets, they are valid for the new date. If you don't have tickets please get'em. The work I am seeing from the other artists in the show are fantastic.

Why does your conference have to be canceled? Have a soap party theme.

Bah. I knew mounting this piece would be a challenge and I really spent my time to get everything even and lined up. However, panic set in. So I have some of the medium I was using to glue it down on the piece and a wrinkle. 😰

Any ideas? I suppose I could do a white acrylic around the lakes and MI? Meh.

A reminder to my Edmonton peeps here. I am doing my first art show as part of a collective at The Works on March 20!

Live music, a dancer, drinks, and 13 artists. Come check it out. The tickets are here and support a good cause--

So this painting has been frustrating size wise. I found a block of birch I could mount it to, but I almost feel that it cuts too much of the painting away. So I mocked up a quick and dirty floating frame as well.

If you're around Edmonton this March you can come see my first ever attempt at an art show.

There are 13 artists so you may find something you like. There's live music and drinks.

You could get that must-have Nike or H&M tee that everyone else has. Or you could grab something that no one else is wearing. Trust me, I see my sales statistics, you'll be unique. 😅

Won't you support the boy with a heart of gold & a mind of mental illness!

Pop music is getting weird. However, that Shawn Mendes/Camila Cabello "I Like It When You Call Me Pat Morita" song is catchy.

The watercolor painting I did is of the basement of the house I grew up in. My mother occasionally threatened to bring me downstairs and use the belt on me if I was misbehaving.

Talking about punishing myself because that's how child me has learned to adult.

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Oops. Not napkin holders, plate drying rack. I could put cards between the pegs to display on a table.

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I have trimmed the vinyl down so it is less obnoxious. I think this will do. I got to finish this and start the next. I think I might buy some wooden napkin holders, basically upright pegs, to hold some cards on a table as well.

Reusing engineered hardwood for the stands to display my greetings cards. A hinge, a board, and screws. Now I need to attach the vinyl channel I bought. I am somewhat hesitant because it will cheapen the display up. Hmmm...

Not bad for a Lefty who started a right hand tutorial. It is getting easier.

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