I replaced the battery cell in my Kindle. One cannot replace the battery because Bezos has a little chip in there that says, "I am an official AMZ battery."

It still will not charge. I am not sure if it is the port or circuit.

On another note, I am absolutely shit at soldering. No matter how many tutorials I see. I am just going to have to take one-on-one lessons from @Ricardus

@sikkdays @Ricardus These old films from Pace are a great resource:

Those + having a half decent iron go a long way. The Pinecil with a flat blade tip is amazing.

@ieure @sikkdays Yeah, there's a whole series of Pace soldering videos in a play list on youtube that was made in the 80s, but still very relevant. I always recommend it.

@Ricardus @ieure Thank you both!

Good call on the iron itself. When I bought a new one, I thought I got something decent because it reminded me of my grandfather's. Of course when I was a kid and grandpa was building his Heathkit goodies, the boards and solder points were likely bigger than say my kindle.😅

@ieure @sikkdays I'm not familiar with that iron. I use a Hakko and really love it.

@Ricardus @sikkdays It's basically a TS100. They're shockingly good for what they cost.

Hakko is also nice, I had a 936 as my main station for years.

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