pandemic anger 

I am starting to feel somewhat better after getting Covid 3 weeks ago. However, I am incredibly angry about the whole thing.

It feels a bit immature on my part, but I have been wearing a mask everywhere. When the variant cases spiked, I even stopped using my cloth masks and got some N95.

I did that to protect others. The humanity wasn't returned. I got sick. Now, I am finding it harder to wear a mask. It's not fair to those that do & are at risk, but it helps my anger.

pandemic anger 

@sikkdays I too have been wearing an N95 everywhere for years and got sick. I think the new stuff is so infectious that it just gets everywhere (we're also generally not using hand sanitizer, and we're hanging out with friends/family unmasked with less concern, so who even knows at this point)

pandemic anger 

@sikkdays I understand your anger. And I'm glad you're starting to feel better.

pandemic anger 

@Gina Thanks friend. I think I just needed to be heard.

pandemic anger 

@sikkdays People are over the pandemic, but it sure as fuck isn't over them.

I have all three shots, and still wear a KN95 when I'm indoors with strangers. I still appreciate when I see folks masking, though there's fewer every day. So thank you for keeping it up.

I just have no idea how anyone can look at the situation and think, yep, time to get back to normal.

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