SaaS is really SwoS, Software withOut Service.

I am old enough to remember when you could get assistance from a provider. Your phone or cable having issues? Call the company.

Today, chatbots handle questions for large enterprise entities. A friend's company uses Google Workspace and they're having issues with the video meetings. There's no help for them.

My mobile phone is with an inexpensive carrier where the online forum of customers helping customers is it. [1/?]

Companies contract out responsibility. My mobile carrier doesn't assume responsibility for the device I am leasing from them. Contact the manufacturer. The manufacturer passes issues back to the carrier.

Uber doesn't have a support system, they contract our responsibilities to their poorly compensated drivers.

Netflix not working? It's not their fault, Contact your internet provider. Internet not working? Not their fault, it is your computer or router. [2/?]

Even consumers take blame in the world of SwoS. Cities are like, "Your companies' damn electric scooters are everywhere and you have to clean them off sidewalks and roads."

"Uh, that's the customers. We cannot control where they leave the scooters when they're done. We don't even maintain or charge them. That's done by contractors. Not our responsibility. Cheers."


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