Got a print to work, finally. However, there was still issues. I sort of cheated to get the print right by using a glue stick. Obviously my print bed is warped.

So, new firmware upgrade time.

Ugh. Tested vanilla firmware. Got it working. Need to go back in and uncomment the bed leveling.


Also, in my quest for help it would seem there are lots of tools within an open source software called Octoprint.

This human doesn't have a spare Rasperry Pi to hook up and run the software. But... I do have some old Android phones.

So...I need the USB port to connect to the printer. I took the battery apart in my 2012 phone. I used the connector from the battery pack to hard wire juice.

Installed Octoprint and... issues.

My old Android device was on 4.4. The OcotoPrint for Android (octo4a) prefers 5.0 and up.

Hmm, I think this ol' beast can do no better...

Oh, someone has a custom ROM that's based on, whoa! version 7.1?

This will be interesting. 🤞

2 Days later. Most of my hair has been pulled out.

My recovery was ancient on the old Android phone. Installed 7.1 ROM and all sorts of permissions issues.

Clean installed old ROM, back to 4.4. Everything is groovy. Ocoto4a, still not happy. It was worth a try with a clean install.

So permissions...hmm.

I tried a number of things, like spitting out a window, spinning around 3 times and praising mother moon.


Decided to update my Recovery and possibly try another ROM. Installed new Recovery via a terminal shell in the old recovery.

Decided I have done this 8.2 million times, what's one more? Clean install of 7.1.

Permission issues persist.

Tried "Fix Permissions" in Recovery 3.2 million times, so what's one more with the newer Recovery?

Worked. 😩

Installing Octo4a now.

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