@sean What's up friend? DM'ed you a while ago. Then, we cancelled a recording last night and Paul mentioned maybe trying to make it up whenever you're available.

@sikkdays Hey! I'm so sorry - been super busy, but my evenings have freed up a fair bit, for the time being.

What's the game plan? When are you available next to record, and what do I need to watch ahead of time? 😁

@sean Oof.
I started to respond to you this past weekend as I was walking outside and my phone died because of the cold. We gots the snow already! 😡

Then, I got busy. So very sorry, my friend! Last week, Paul said, we'd be happy to work around you. He's got his 2 daughters, so he has bumped recording time to 9:30pm EDT. Weekends, he can be more flexible. What works for you in the coming 0-6 weeks?


If you're evenings have gotten more predictable, you can have another look at the original dates left (all at 9:30pm EDT):
Nov 24 - Matrix like Indian film
Nov 30 - Robo Vampire
Dec 15 - The Arena (1984)

The date we cancelled was Nov 3. That film was a scifi movie from the 50s called The Giant Claw. We'd love to record a show around that movie whenever you are available.

Sorry again. Chaos rules supreme.

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