What are people using these days as hardware for TV and movies?

My Android box doesn't owe me much. I have Corelec installed on it so it runs linux and Kodi. However, updates for my chipset have stopped, so I am just curious if there's some open source goodness out there?

@sikkdays brought my gaming PC into living room for couch gaming (also room/desk is a mess) and it's become the entertainment centerpiece

@sikkdays for open source stuff, raspberry pi is pretty well supported

@sikkdays curious to see what you find.

I'm running Kodi on a pi3 for standard def, and kodi on a pi4 for HD, and it's Fine but not remarkable.

I feel like there has to be a better option.

@ajroach42 @sikkdays Also interested. Pi3 with LibreELEC (Kodi), does 1080p. Hardware seems fine, software is trash.

I have everything in Jellyfin, and it'd be great if there was a thing that just ran it on a bigger screen.

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