Every time today when I took a few deep breaths to center myself and be mindful instead of finding relaxation my brain kept finding the chorus of the title track from the Film Frown movie, WHITE FIRE!

The only people who know my pain are @cuibonobo and @pauldl

Please cut this song out of my head with a chainsaw!

@sikkdays Just remember that mindfulness is not about blocking out your thoughts and feelings, but being aware of them, allowing them to happen and then bringing your attention back.

Honestly, I don't practice mindfulness as often as I should. I keep putting it off because I'm concerned that it'll just be a waste of time. I don't really know how to extract the benefits from it.


@Lofenyy My process typically starts with sound. Nothing too descriptive, 'wind blowing the leaves on the trees' is just 'wind.' Once I I get my ears, nose, and eyes, paying attention to sounds, smells, and colors, I go inward to focus on sensations, my foot touching the ground, my breath, and heartbeat. Finally, I start labeling emotions and watch them pass.

For me, mindfulness brings me to the present. Often my thoughts are on past mistakes or possible future blunders.

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