Friend @welshpixie reminded me of a feel good story.

Last week, my doggo and I were walking home and I spotted a cat toy in the alley. I figured she would be interested in the smell of it. However, Coco surprised me by picking it up and dragging me home. She held the toy mouse carefully in her mouth on the elevator and when we got home, she carefully put it on the floor. She spent the whole day carrying it around. Before her next walk, she placed mouse by the door & grabbed it when done.

Coco has cared for the mouse since last week. It has a motion sensor in it and squeaks when handled too aggressively. If either of us bump mouse and the squeak happens, Coco comes running and takes mouse out of harm's way. Occasionally, we are allowed to play with mouse and even play fetch. Mouse sleeps in the bedroom at night with all of us.

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