Apple has spent years trying to normalize the obnoxious and ostentatious Bluetooth headsets. A jawbone headset said, "I call myself an entrepreneur, but I really just sell Amway."

Today, the e-scooter has come to along to upstage the "I cannot be bothered to hold a phone" devices.

"I am healthy, but would rather pay $4 a minute to ride a scooter on a sidewalk than walk."

@sikkdays No joke though, those jawbone headsets are a godsend in IT field service, whether you're stuck on a call or just want to jam to some music while you work.

@sikkdays Which is to contrast with these stupid scooters, which can't be used on a sidewalk or cycleway but aren't fast enough to outrun smell.

@BalooUriza YASS! "Outrun smell." I love it.

I do understand the argument of scooters to fill in transit plans with gaps-- Your closest bus stop is 10+ blocks away so take the scooter. And those with mobility issues. However, I only ever see people 'joyriding' and the companies aren't working with cities to fill those gaps. Where can we make the most dough!

@sikkdays Yeah, the "fill the transit gaps" argument makes sense if there's a few, say, at but literally all of them are in downtown or a half hour walk to downtown.

@BalooUriza True. Our glass slabs aren't exactly great to talk on. I prefer my headsets just to hear the other person.

@sikkdays With me, it's either because I'm being smarthands and getting walked through something by someone who couldn't be arsed to be there, or I'm on hold with a parts department and trying to MacGuyver a band-aid, or i need to take down or look up information. 2, sometimes 3 of these things require me to be able to see the phone while maintaining a conversation.

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