Anyone ever use MoOde or Archphile?

I really need to get my music server going again. Archphile looks nice because it is an image and then just config. MoOde is similar but with a gui setup and based in Debian.

Mopidy is python and also looks interesting.

Any experience with these servers?

@sikkdays My primary deal is a Beets library with a Pi3B that NFS mounts it and runs MPD / drives my headphone setup.

But, I have the same library shared with Jellyfin — it's pointed at the Beets music, read-only — and that's been working well. JF is a general media server, it does music/TV/movies/books, so it's mostly all using the same stuff.

I have another Pi running Kodi with the JF plugin for music/watching in the living room.

@ieure People are in love with JellyFin, that's for sure. Interesting setup-- Feeding music from a library to various players. I never thought of doing it like that. Thanks for sharing !

@sikkdays Beets is a delightful, low-bullshit program that does its job well and stays out of the way. It manages the library and doesn't try to do anything else. It's good.

JF is pretty nice, solid, and free. There are at least two Android apps that do nothing but stream music from your instance. Gotta respect a name like "Finamp."

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