Acting is an interesting field to be in these days. People are valued for portraying something they are not. However, we're finally seeing more conversations about appropriate cultural casting. Yet, you have Colin Firth & Stanley Tucci playing gay men in Supernova.

As the boundaries of acceptability change, we may even have to look at Glen Close and Amy Adams playing southern women in Hillbilly Elegy.


I sometimes wonder what will happen to human imagination when it is no longer culturally permissible to pretend to be things we are not.

There's a part of personal transformation that starts with this skill. Compassion too, I think.

Take it out of the arts, and in time you take it out of the people.

Mind you, I'm for everyone pretending a bit more, and not just a priviledged class.


Being theater-adjacent makes me obsess about this kind of thing.

@RussSharek Same here. Perhaps you hit on something though because acting is an art. However, Hollywood movies specifically are a product these days.

Not to diminish a Hollywood performer's skills, but that name brand casting is a financial decision. At this point, there are few passion projects coming from the business.

Perhaps this is a boundary we will explore in the future. We can have representation and talent at the same time.



I've grown to prefer small theater projects, pandemic not withstanding, specifically for this reason.

@sikkdays this is something I'm really interested in...

I did some time at an acting studio, wanting to learn how to be better in my own film work.

I sort of stumbled onto my own conceptual approach to acting that I call "imaginary stacking". Kind of want to put it out there and find folks who might be interested in workshopping it at some point.

My acting teacher thought I was onto something innovative. Maybe?

#acting #filmmaking #studio #actor #reality #metaphysics #love

@sikkdays main point being... Trying to work on my own acting and filmmaking, for the right reasons.

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