In the time between thinking I need to check my phone for something and reaching for it and picking it up, I forget what I wanted it for in the first place >.>

classic x)
usually it's a notification that distracts me and 1 sec later I'm lost.

@Kathaja Yeah. I think the internet just kills attention span, specifically social media. I have a tab open for this masto account, another browser entirely for curator, whatsapp chatting to a friend, email tabs, bookface - if any one of those pings, my thought-train doesn't just derail, it careens into the void XD


@welshpixie That's an interesting hypothesis. I wonder if there have been studies done.

@sikkdays I know I've read a bunch of articles claiming it, but don't recall offhand whether they linked to actual studies or if they were just speculation

@welshpixie The instantaneous nature of the internet seems adjacent to focus issues as well. "A 4 minute youtube video cannot teach me to make beautiful mandalas like you? Forget it."

@sikkdays Hah, absolutely. Having everything instantly available at our fingertips might well condition us to want everything instantly available at our fingertips.

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