Kind of thinking of shutting down my personal PeerTube instance and instead launching a community one.

Still kind of on the fence about it, but would anyone be interested in possibly joining an invite-only (registrations closed) server for the purpose of developing a convival community of video creators? I have a pet theory that this might be the way to go for doing content creation in the fediverse without drowning in a firehose of re-uploaded junk.

What would the difference be between this and something like say #TILvids? Would you have a different focus on the kinds of topics covered?

@Blort my hunch is that TILVids largely just mirrors stuff? (Kind of like how VidCommons does), but whatever this thing is would be 100% OC as a rule?

@sean @Blort It sounds like a tremendous undertaking, but then again that is how things grow, slowly and with curation. It is interesting how I want to listen to mainstream music, but that is not the focus of Funkwhale so my desire to support it wained. I remained excited about PeerTube, but found few creators I enjoyed. Hmm.

@sikkdays @Blort yeah, I agree on the point of Funkwhale. It's an awesome idea, and actually works very well, but it sits in this weird space between user-generated content for the public, and private storage of licensed content.

It *could* be used as an amazing Soundcloud competitor with OC, but certain features that would be good for building community (like commenting) just doesn't exist there.

I want to see creators put their stuff out on the fediverse, but there's these fundamental problems that still exist.
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