Plausible deniability sure helps big corporate silos.

When it comes to YouTube will nail anyone "little person" not authorized to post a song or show clips. Yet, that platform wouldn't be the 'be all-end all' for interweb video if copyright was strictly enforced.

Similarly, we can assume that Spotify and Pandora wouldn't exist without Napster. Certainly, playlists wouldn't exist without cassette tape mixes.

Yet, creators do moderate and enforce copyright. [1/2]

[2/2] Does this mean that and will never be able to compete fully?

Does need to be changed? It's being changed regardless of the law, thanks to the web. Many people raised with the web think nothing of using an image they found online. Creators of goodies recognize the work put into things and respect copyright, and corporations force creators into bad contracts and exploit copyright for their own benefit.

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