The conservative governments want schools open because kids won't go & they will have more future voters.

How? A child with a snotty nose will be sent home. Do you know any kids without snotty noses?

Parents will tire of picking up 'sick' kids & quit sending them altogether. These children will grow to adulthood without a proper education and vote conservatively.

@sikkdays my kids grew up with a proper education. They were homeschooled. Not everyone has the ability to do that, I understand this, but it's a greater possibility than most people think. All depends on methodology and working with other families. It takes a village to educate a child.

@WanderingBeekeeper Sure, no denying that. Many countries guarantee that education is a right. Yet, there are several Western conservative governments that have been gutting public education budgets to support 'pay to play' systems. 😥

@sikkdays very much so, diverting the public budget to private schools, often religiously based, which produce their kind of people.

@sikkdays I know plenty of people with a proper education who vote conservatively. Most higher education centers are ideology training centers for capitalism.

@sikkdays It is a dangerous misunderstanding that simply knowledge = liberal ideology.

@sikkdays Or that lack of knowledge is akin to conservatism. Many of the most radical leftists in history were basically illiterate

@dualhammers Agreed. It was an ugly assumption that could be inferred by my toot. I was thinking how easier it is for those without proper education to be swayed.

True: opinions are vast and people are complicated.

However, today's modern education is much less about memorizing and is about learning how to disseminate information. Curriculum is focused now on teaching kids how to think on their own, not memorize multiplication tables.

@sikkdays And yet some of the least thoughtful people I know come out of ivy education and work in tthe media class in the US

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