Famousl last words:

"Can I borrow your charging cable?"

Also, does Apple care about privacy or is that an ad campaign? Obviously the maker of this cable has the license to make proprietary Apple cables.

@sikkdays you don't need a license, the cables are reverse engineered and you could just spoof the ID of a legit cable manufacturer

@feld Thanks. I have no doubt it is not a licensed product. I am just tired of Tim Cook talking about how much they protect Apple users and want to wake people up. You are right to point out that I am likely no better spreading misinformation about licensing.

@sikkdays Tim Cook isn't wrong, though. They have and do implement things to protect users that nobody else is doing or long before the competition.

e.g., Secure Enclave (HSM), full disk encryption, refusing to implement bad features in Safari (WebUSB, Web Bluetooth, disabling 3rd party cookies by default)

Criticize them when they fall short, but nobody else is more successful at getting security features into the hands of mass consumers.

@feld Thanks for the info and the delightful avatar in my feed!

I am still going to be just as cautious around Apple as I am around Googs, FB, Amazon, etc.

@sikkdays they're the only tech company who doesn't rely on monetization of user data.* That's why I'm more than happy to pay the premium for their products.

*allegedly there's something going on with your Apple Music data being shared. But this is the least scandalous privacy problem I've ever heard in the last 20 years
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