Are there open source printers?

I try to be paperless as much as I can, however, it would seem that my partner wants a printer for her work.

Doing some research, it seems that many printer makers, HP, Canon, Epson, etc. build in obsolescence.

How infuriating. Any and people know about open source hardware printers?

So there are ecotank/megatank printers that you fill, versus the waste of cartridges. Looks promising EXCEPT they have the built in obsolescence. A basic error that says some part needs to be replaced, but of course it is not serviceable.

However, I see on @hackaday that one could buy a continuous ink system for an inkjet printer. Maybe that would not have a similar error?


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there is a story saying Sallman started the libre movement because printers drivers sucked.
to this day I don't know any open hardware for printers. it exists for switches, routers, 2fa #fido2 keys, laptops and phones, cars, but things are still yet to be made.

@tykayn @sikkdays wow, that could definitely work, an open hardware/no obsolescence printer. It would definitely get some attention.

@sikkdays I know there are some people who share info repair and ink systems

@kai @sikkdays
I can't really see us tackling that task, but maybe someone else can.

But as a suggestion, maybe Epson Ecotank if you need inkjet or go for an older laser printer?

@PINE64 I appreciate the suggestion. Thank you. I went with a laser printer. The ecotank printers have built-in obsolescence. After so many cleanings/printing they must be "serviced." Of course, service is "costly to the consumer and many choose to buy a new unit instead."

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@sikkdays bleh I got a brother laser as well. This replaced a 20 year only hp LaserJet. It printed fine but you could only put one page at a time in the feeder or it would jam.

I don't print much; the 700 page toner it came with will probably last for years.

@kai Yeah. I do not print much either. We used to print at my spouse's work, but now she's working from home. And by print at work, I mean "oh, I need to print a tax form" twice a year.

I wanted to get something color, thinking I would use it more. There's a couple of things I've been thinking of using to make some mixed media art. However, once I started looking into the absolute bullshit in the printer world, I couldn't make that investment.

@sikkdays color laser is tough. The toner invariably spreads to cover everything in the printer and you get lines and stripes on everything.

The best is color inkjet. B&H sells the big Canon printers with the rebates. They have a huge footprint but they're dirt cheap if you can get the rebate and have room. Drivers are Windows/Mac only though.

$250 after mail in rebate

@kai Yeah, I have a friend who had a large one in his home. I believe he found, even with selling prints, he didn't use it as much as he thought he would. The cost to maintain with ink, paper, etc. wasn't working for his casual sales.

@sikkdays the thing is absolutely huge lol. It takes up as much space as a medium size dog

@kai Heh. My friend I was talking about had a plotter printer so he could do *large* prints. That took up wall space.

@kai It is interesting that the "PRO" line doesn't seem to be plagued with any 'end of life' errors. Of course, that fits the narrative that the companies have established-- "we build low cost printers in a way that they cannot be serviced, sorry."

@sikkdays cars are built the same way, or so I hear. Everything is designed to fail simultaneously.

@kai It seems that way with Tesla. So, I imagine that with the others as well.

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