I *live* the aesthetic. I create and post it on my instaspam and but also this happens when my 10 year old laptop if it falls asleep.

Is this a hardware issue?
(If so, lowkey maybe Louis Rossmann can fix it?)

@taivlam I am not entirely sure. I think it may be. I keep meaning to do a fresh Linux install to be certain.

@sikkdays Perhaps using a Linux distro via live USB could still do the same job & be less invasive (to the current OS)?

@sikkdays Also, is that the MacBook Pro from ~2012? (I think the unibody MacBook Pros before the Touch Bar was introduced were the last good MacBooks - I guess Apple's original charisma is slowly declining after Steve Jobs's death...)

@taivlam 2010. Running Linux to keep going, but 17" is so damn cumbersome and heavy.

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