How do we feel about unpainted paper in paintings?

I know some painters dislike unpainted canvas in a final painting. Just curious if that goes for watercolor as well? And if there are any solutions when you specifically wanted the paper's color there?

@sikkdays Having the paper show through is a major part of Watercolour. It's how you show "whites". Using separate white pigments or pigments that match the paper colour would defeat the purpose of the medium, which is its translucency. :)

So it's absolutely fine letting the paper show through with watercolour! I think the only place where that's "frowned upon" is canvas works, but even then it's merely a suggestion. ;)

@Rheall Thanks. I'm getting inside my head a lot as I prepare. My mind is looking for all the ways to self-sabotage. I was just reading about the size of painting allowed in this show and mine are mostly smaller than the smallest size they listed, so now I am fighting my self-critic on that.

I really appreciate your input. I actually love the texture of the paper, even the naked paper on the edges. So yeah, I gotta stick with this 'pride' stuff.

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