How can I connect my personal instance to others so my federated timeline isn't just the people I follow?

A friend is interested in joining, so I was thinking I better make it easy for them to find people. Thanks.

I know I asked this before and some kind folks answered it, but I am having a brain fart.


I thought there was some bots or surrogate connections one could setup or subscribe to?

@sikkdays I definitely remember a bunch of instances using "follow bots" in the early days, to help populate their timelines. If you follow one of these existing bots, I imagine that would help populate your federated timeline, but I'm still kind of fuzzy on how the federated timeline really works.

@sikkdays Relays, I believe, but none of them seem to work (anymore). I was looking to do the same but gave up, also because I guess I’d rather not have every status ever written copied to my server after all.

Follow as much people as you can, so your instance gets to know as many other instances as possible.
Then your public timeline will come to life.

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