Any suggestions on mounting watercolor on paper to do a gallery show?

I am a total noob.

@sikkdays Framed and matted or not? Some galleries insist on framing the work themselves.

If framed you can use acid free tape on the back to attach your paper to the matte frame. Then put this in a glass frame or a plastic art sleeve (think comic bags but bigger)

You can also dry mount to a board, which makes floppy wrinkled paper look great, but is irreversible and requires access to some equipment.

@sikkdays continued....

An in-between solution is hinging, or folding small pieces of taping on the back of the image to make a hinge at the top and attach to a backing board.

There are lots of websites with step-by-step once you decide which approach fits your needs and budget.

@sikkdays Lots of frame shops will have cheap bins full of mat off-cuts. You can usually pick up nice pieces of mat board for a few cents each, and take them home and use an exacto-knife/bevel cutting exacto knife to cut the mats to fit your work yourself. :)

Then you should be able to fit them to cheap mass-produced frames in common sizes. You can sometimes find lots of these for cheap if you check thrift stores!

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